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University of Melbourne Scholarships for International Students 2024

University of Melbourne scholarships provide outstanding students access to a world-class education. The Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship offers full tuition and living cost coverage valued at over $80,000 for exemplary candidates. Undergraduate students can receive the Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship of $15,000 towards tuition fees.

University of Melbourne Scholarships for International Students 2024 At the graduate level, the Melbourne International Postgraduate Coursework Award gives $25,000 stipends. Research students receive assistance through programs like the $30,000 per year Melbourne Research Scholarship. Sporty students can earn between $6,000 to $20,000 from the Melbourne International Sport Scholarship. Equity scholarships also facilitate educational access for disadvantaged groups.

University of Melbourne Scholarships


The University of Melbourne is one of Australia’s best universities, which is highly ranked, attracting international students from all around the world due to its outstanding academic, best education and fully funded scholarships program. If you are an international student hoping to study at Melbourne University in year 2024 on scholarship, then you may be wondering what types of scholarships are available that can help you to get fund at your studies and free you from financial burden.

This comprehensive guide covers all you need to know about University of Melbourne scholarships for international students in 2024. You’ll learn about the different types of scholarships available, eligibility criteria, application timelines, and tips for applying.

We’ll provide details on both fully funded and partially funded scholarship options. There is funding available across undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD programs.

By the end of this guide, you’ll have a clear understanding of your scholarship options at the University of Melbourne and be ready to submit competitive applications in 2024.

The key sections covered in this scholarship guide include:

Types of University of Melbourne Scholarships for International Students

The University of Melbourne offers a wide range of scholarship programs to support outstanding international students across undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels of study.

When applying for scholarships at Melbourne in 2024, you can target funding opportunities based on your:

Understanding the categories can help you zero in on relevant funding schemes. Here is an overview:

Academic Merit International Scholarships

The university offers a number of prestigious awards that recognize top academic talent including:

Eligibility: High GPA, publications, academic awards etc.

Subject-Specific International Scholarships

Several University of Melbourne scholarships are targeted for particular degrees and specializations such as:

Eligibility: Enrollment in specific program + academic merit

Home Country Specific Scholarships

The University of Melbourne also provides dedicated scholarship schemes for students from countries including:

Eligibility: Citizenship/Residence in specific country + academic criteria

Here is the next section covering more University of Melbourne international student scholarship types:

Sports Scholarships

The University of Melbourne provides sports scholarship programs to support student-athletes including:

Eligibility: Excellence in sports + academic criteria

Equity and Disability Support Scholarships

The university offers various special funding schemes to aid students facing:

These equity and access scholarships provide support with tuition, accommodation costs and living expenses. Examples include:

Eligibility: Demonstrated financial hardship + relevant situation

With this overview of the broad categories of international scholarships at Melbourne, you can better identify which schemes to target in 2024 applications based on your background, interests and situation.

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Fully Funded vs Partially Funded University of Melbourne Scholarships

International students applying for University of Melbourne scholarships in 2024 can target both fully funded awards that cover complete costs or partial scholarships that provide some financial assistance.

Fully Funded Melbourne Scholarships 2024

The most competitive scholarships cover your tuition fees and living costs in full. These allow you to study at Melbourne without financial burden including:

Tips: Apply early, get strong references, demonstrate well-rounded profile

Partially Funded University of Melbourne Scholarships

While more competitive, partially funded scholarships still provide significant tuition fee coverage or stipends such as:

Eligibility Criteria for University of Melbourne International Scholarships

To submit competitive scholarship applications to the University of Melbourne for 2024 enrollment, you need to meet key eligibility requirements. While criteria differs across scholarship schemes, there are some common academic, language and other standards.

Academic Requirements

Most University of Melbourne international scholarships require outstanding academic achievement as the primary eligibility factor including:

Tips: Review awards you may be eligible for and prepare early to meet defined academic cutoffs.

English Language Requirements

To demonstrate you can excel in Melbourne’s English teaching environment, scholarships require:

Eligibility by Country

While most scholarships are open globally, some University of Melbourne funding opportunities prioritize residents from specific countries through dedicated assistance schemes. Examples include special awards for strong candidates from:

Check if your home country offers specific scholarships to Melbourne to maximize your chance of success. If not then check out Ohio State University Scholarships For International Students

How to Apply for University of Melbourne Scholarships

Understanding the application process and putting together a competitive submission package is key to getting selected for University of Melbourne scholarships in 2024.

Some common requirements include:

Scholarship Application Form

Personal Statement

Academic Transcripts

English Language Proof

Letters of Recommendation

Updated Resume/CV

With a complete application addressing eligibility criteria, you can make a persuasive case for scholarship selection success.

Here is the next section covering deadlines for University of Melbourne international student scholarships:

Deadline Dates for University of Melbourne International Scholarships 2024 Submitting your scholarship applications well in advance of the defined deadlines is vital for successful consideration. Application closing dates for University of Melbourne international scholarships in 2024 vary across programs.

Coursework Degrees Scholarships

Scholarship NameDeadline
Melbourne International Undergraduate ScholarshipJanuary 15, 2024
Melbourne International Postgraduate Coursework AwardDecember 1, 2023
Melbourne Global Scholars AwardFebruary 28, 2024


Research Degree Scholarships

Scholarship NameSuggested Submission Period
Melbourne Research ScholarshipJuly to October 2023 for 2024 enrollment
Melbourne International Research ScholarshipJuly to October 2023 for 2024 enrollment

Tips: Submit research degree scholarship applications at least 4-6 months before your planned program commencement date.

Reaching out early, clarifying which funding schemes make most sense for you and giving yourself ample lead time to submit high quality applications by the deadlines presented above will serve you well in your 2024 scholarship journey with the University of Melbourne.

Scholarship Name2024 Application Deadline
Melbourne Chancellor’s ScholarshipMarch 31st, 2024
Hansen Scholarship (MBA)January 15th, 2024
Science International Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship  February 15th, 2024
John Truscott Scholarship (Engineering)March 30th, 2024
Melbourne International Sport ScholarshipJanuary 30th, 2024
Melbourne Disability Support ScholarshipVaries – confirm with university
Melbourne Refugee ScholarshipVaries – confirm with university
Note : This covers some prominent scholarship schemes and their corresponding 2024 application closure dates to consider. Be sure to confirm specific deadlines before applying as they can sometimes change year-to-year. Applying early maximizes success prospects!

You Can Apply for University of Melbourne Scholarships for International Students 2024 on their

Official Website

Scholarship Results and Acceptance Process

Once you submit your University of Melbourne international scholarship applications for 2024 enrollment, when can you expect notification of results? Here are next steps once award decisions are released:

Notification of Results

Scholarship application outcomes are generally communicated via email by the specific deadlines established which may vary by individual funding schemes but expect:

Shortlisted candidates may also have interviews before final selections.

Offer Letter

If selected, you will receive a formal offer letter from the University detailing:

Review carefully before accepting within the defined timeframe.

Accepting Your Melbourne Award

To accept your scholarship offer:

This completes the application to acceptance process! With this guidance now you are fully equipped to apply for and hopefully secure wonderful international student scholarships from the University of Melbourne for 2024.

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Applying to a globally top-ranked university like Melbourne is a major investment for international students. Thankfully, the university provides an extensive range of scholarship programs based on academic merit, backgrounds, interests and situations to facilitate access.

This guide has provided comprehensive details spanning:

With these insights, you are now well prepared to identify which University of Melbourne scholarships make the most sense for you and craft persuasive applications for 2024 enrollment. Applying early maximizes your funding possibilities.

Remember to target awards where you meet all defined eligibility requirements. Pay close attention to guidelines around academic cutoffs, English language test expectations, recommendations needed and application components required. Submit complete packages before closing dates.

With strategic preparation over the months ahead, you can aim to secure funding support enabling you to fulfill your ambitions of studying successfully amongst diverse, brilliant peers at one of Australia’s most prestigious institutions.


Does University of Melbourne offer full scholarships?

Yes, University of Melbourne offers several prestigious fully-funded scholarships that cover 100% of both tuition fees and living costs for international students including the Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship, Hansen Scholarship for MBA students and more.

How to get 100 percent scholarship in University of Melbourne?

To get a 100% scholarship: Have an outstanding academic record with a first-class GPA, publications, awards, demonstrate exceptional leadership skills and potential in your field, obtain stellar recommendations, meet English test score requirements (e.g. IELTS 7+), craft an exceptional application highlighting achievements and career goals.

How can I get a full scholarship in Australia?

Ways to get full scholarships in Australia: Achieve academic and extracurricular excellence to target prestigious university awards, apply for external scholarships from organizations relevant to your country/background, consider scholarships in fields with talent shortages like STEM where funding aims to attract international students.

Does University of Melbourne give financial aid to international students?

Yes, University of Melbourne offers financial assistance for international students through various partial and fully funded scholarship schemes that provide money towards tuition fees, living expenses and other costs. Need-based support is also available.

How much GPA is required for scholarship in Australia?

While specific GPA requirements differ across scholarship schemes, to be competitive for top scholarships at leading Australian universities like Melbourne, you typically require an outstanding academic record with at least a 3.7+ GPA or 90%+ grade average equivalent.

How can I study in Australia for free?

Study free options include: Winning prestigious fully-funded university scholarships covering all costs, applying for dedicated external scholarships to fund studies from organizations in your home country, pursuing programs like student exchange where select partner universities cover tuition fees.

Which university in Australia gives 100% scholarship?

Some leading Australian universities like ANU, University of Sydney, Monash University, University of Melbourne and more offer 100% scholarships at the undergraduate and graduate level covering full tuition fees and also living stipends especially for research degrees.

What is the University of Melbourne full scholarship 2024?

The University of Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship is considered the most prestigious scholarship available in 2024. It offers full funding covering 100% of academic fees and living costs. Extremely competitive with outstanding applicant criteria expected.

How much scholarship can I get in University of Melbourne?

Scholarship amounts vary greatly but full funding options cover total costs of attaining your degree at Melbourne (up to $80,000-$200,000) while partial scholarships can provide $10,000-$20,000 towards expenses. Need and merit-based aid is also available.

Is University of Melbourne free for international students?

University of Melbourne is not free for international students. However, by winning prestigious scholarships or external financial aid you can fund your academics and living costs fully. Options like student exchanges also facilitate free or discounted tuition.

Which University in Melbourne offer scholarships for international students?

Some leading universities providing international scholarships include University of Melbourne, Monash University, RMIT University, La Trobe University, Deakin University, Swinburne University of Technology and Australian Catholic University.

Does University of Melbourne require SAT?

University of Melbourne does not require or accept SAT scores from international applicants. Required standardized tests are TOEFL or IELTS to prove English language proficiency. Certain graduate programs may require additional tests such as GMAT, GRE or LRAT for law.

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