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Ohio State University Scholarships For International Students 2024

Ohio State University Scholarships for International Students 2024 is an exciting opportunity for all students around the world who are seeking academic excellence.
Start your journey of educational with Ohio State University’s who is committed to provide not only rich learning environment but also support you financially.

Ohio State University provides talented prospective students various merit-based scholarships and need-based grants annually. Notable options include the Trustees Scholarship, a full ride award covering tuition, room & board, and supplies totalling almost $30,000 in value. Their Provost Scholarship also gives $10,000 per year to exceptional scholars.

Ohio State University Scholarships For International Students 2024

Other awards like the Global Gateway Scholarship grant $5,000 per year for high-achieving international applicants. And through the President’s International Scholar Award, select students can qualify for a complete full tuition scholarship. With options like these OSU Funds spelling success for diverse learners, students focused on excellence would thrive at this leading public university.


Ohio State University (OSU) also has name included in One of the largest public research in the United States, Because of its 60,000 students across several campuses. Known for both academic excellence and athletic dominance in the Big Ten conference, OSU offers world-class programs through 16 colleges and over 200 majors.

In Year 2023, OSU had an acceptance rate of 83% for first-year applicants. However, don’t let the high acceptance rate fool you – OSU maintains highly competitive standards across its offerings and attracts bright, driven students from Ohio, the US, and worldwide. Once accepted, many prospective students wonder what scholarships are available at Ohio State University.

OSU provides many merit-based and need-based scholarship opportunities for 2024 to make financing education a possibility for deserving students. These include:

  1. Academic merit scholarships like “ohio state merit scholarships”
  2. Competitive scholarships by talent – sports, music, arts
  3. Need-based grants and diversity scholarships
  4. “osu scholarships” meant for Ohio residents specifically
  5. Departmental scholarships by field of study
  6. Ohio State University Scholarships For International Students 2024

Ohio State University Scholarships For International Students Acceptance Rate and Academics

Ohio State University is considered a Public Ivy – a public university that provides an education comparable to the Ivy League. This is evidenced by its highly selective admissions and array of top-ranked programs.

Some key facts about OSU’s academics and admissions:

OSU maintains such strong academics by only admitting high-achieving students focused on success. And once enrolled, the university provides the resources for students to thrive.

By combining challenging academics with Division I athletics and an extensive alumni network of over 500,000 Buckeyes, it’s no wonder Ohio State continues to be one of the most popular state flagship universities for in-state, out-of-state, and international applicants alike.

Types of Ohio State Scholarships Available for 2024

Ohio State University offers a wide variety of scholarship opportunities to recognize academic talents, community service achievements, athletic skills, artistic abilities, and financial need. Major categories include:

Merit-Based Scholarships

Merit scholarships reward students for outstanding achievements in academics, extracurricular activities, arts, leadership, and other areas. These include:

Need-Based Aid

To make an OSU education more accessible, the university provides financial assistance based on family income levels.

Additionally, the “osu scholarships” are meant specifically for talented Ohio high school students demonstrating financial need.

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More Ohio State 2024 Scholarship Options

Other scholarship opportunities for 2024 OSU applicants include:

OSU Scholarships Application Process for 2024

Most first-year students apply for OSU scholarships when they submit their general university application. However, some scholarships require a secondary application with supplemental materials.

General Application Components

Typical components reviewed for OSU scholarship eligibility include:

Other application elements like FAFSA forms, portfolio submissions, or tryout results may be required depending on the scholarship.

OSU Scholarships Application Deadlines

Submission deadline dates vary by scholarship but align with general admission deadlines:

Priority DeadlineRegular Deadline
November 1February 15

Meeting the November 1 early action deadline ensures you qualify for the most OSU scholarship opportunities. However, those who submit by February 15 regular decision deadline still qualify for some need and merit-based awards.

Specific deadlines for programs like arts scholarships, STEM majors, Honors, etc may have earlier dates. Always confirm deadlines for your particular scholarships of interest.

You Can Apply for Ohio State University Scholarships For International Students 2024 on their

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Tips for Getting OSU Merit Scholarships

While need-based grants depend on financial circumstances outside your control, you can better position yourself for academic and talent-based merit scholarships at Ohio State by:

1. Maintaining Excellence in Academics

Scholarship committees want to see impressive GPAs – think 3.7+ for Ohio residents and 3.9+ for out-of-state. Enrol in advanced classes like APs whenever possible and aim for As across rigorous courses.

Scoring in the 90th percentile or higher on ACT and SAT aptitude tests also demonstrates college readiness. For 2024, test-optional policies are still in place due to COVID-19, but submitting strong scores can provide a competitive edge for top dollar scholarships.

2. Pursuing Meaningful Extracurricular’s

Well-rounded OSU applicants participate in activities aligned with their greatest strengths and interests. Taking on leadership positions also conveys dedication.

For talent scholarships in sports, arts, etc – commit to developing skills through competitions, performances, and public exhibits whenever possible. This builds the portfolio needed when auditioning or trying out.

3. Crafting Compelling Applications

Admissions essay prompts offer an opportunity to explain why you’re deserving of scholarship investment. Communicate key achievements, passion for your Ohio State major, future aspirations, and how experiences shaped you.

If offered, scholarship interviews allow you to make an impression face-to-face with university representatives. Practice articulating your interests, accomplishments and Buckeye pride!

Amounts and Benefits of OSU Scholarships

Ohio State University Scholarships For International Students can make earning your degree drastically more affordable. OSU offers both renewable scholarships spanning multiple years and one-time scholarships for single academic years.

Scholarship Funding Amounts

Below are some examples of typical scholarship funding amounts:

OSU notes over 80% of enrolled students receive some form of financial assistance. Combining scholarships, need-based grants, work-study income, and federal/private student loans can make financing an OSU degree possible.

Scholarship Perks

Some scholarships also come with additional benefits, like:

OSU Scholarships for International Students

Ohio State University welcomes high-achieving international students from over 100 countries. While out-of-state tuition rates apply, international students can offset costs through merit-based awards and graduate teaching assistantships.

Some top “ohio state university scholarships for international students” options include:

To qualify for Ohio State University Scholarships For International Students competitive awards, international applicants generally need:

While every situation is different, international students should expect to pay $30,000 to $60,000 annually for tuition, housing, supplies, health insurance, and personal costs without scholarships. Hence awards make attending more feasible.

Applying to Ohio State University Scholarships For International Students 2024 Program

To qualify for OSU in 2024 for the abundant scholarship opportunity, you have to first submit an application and be admitted as a student. Here is an overview of the process::

OSU Application Requirements

When applying to Ohio State University, candidates need to provide:

You’ll submit these components as well as view decision status through the “ohio state application portal” accessible via your application account.

Checking Ohio State Application Status

After applying to Ohio State University Scholarships For International Students, you can check your “ohio state application status” online to see:

Adhering to priority scholarship deadlines ensures your admission is evaluated in time for the most aid opportunities.


Ohio State University Scholarships For International Students program is an array of merit-based and need-based scholarship opportunities for outstanding prospective students each year. By maintaining top academic performance, pursuing meaningful extracurricular’s in your talents and interests, and crafting compelling application materials, you can aim for these scholarships to help finance your OSU degree.

For 2024 applicants interested in Ohio State, be sure to apply by the November 1 early action deadline to access the most scholarship considerations. This overview summarized key details on the offerings, amounts, application components, and tips for qualifying for aid.

The time is now to join the Buckeye family! Apply to OSU for admission and tickers scholarships for 2024. Additional questions can be directed to the school guidance office or OSU Office of Student Financial Aid. We wish all scholarship applicants the best of luck .


Can you get a full scholarship to Ohio State?

Yes, Ohio State offers some prestigious full ride scholarships for top applicants, such as the President’s International Scholar Award for gifted international students and some full tuition academic scholarships for in-state students.

Can international students get scholarship in Ohio State university?

Yes, Ohio State has designated international student scholarships like the Global Gateway Scholarship and Global Ohio Scholarship. Awards are competitive but help offset out-of-state costs.

Does Ohio University give scholarship to international students?

Yes, Ohio University offers merit-based scholarships and grants to outstanding international applicants. These help reduce the financial burden of out-of-state tuition costs.

What scholarships does Ohio University offer?

Ohio University offers many academic merit scholarships (including full and half tuition awards), need-based grants, talent scholarships, federal/state financial aid, and private donor funded scholarships across areas like academics, leadership, community service, arts, diversity, STEM majors and more.

Who is eligible for choose Ohio first scholarship?

Ohio residents who are enrolled in one of Ohio’s Choose Ohio First programs of study are eligible for Choose Ohio First scholarships. Eligible programs focus on STEMM and education majors to fill high-demand occupations.

How much is a scholarship to Ohio State university?

Scholarship amounts vary, but can reduce costs by $500 to over $10,000 per year. Some awards, like the Trustee’s Scholarship, provide a full ride covering tuition, housing, books and supplies over 4 years.

Is Ohio good for international students?

Yes, Ohio offers one of the most affordable options for international students when considering total costs for tuition, living, transportation etc. The state also has many top ranked public universities.

Is Ohio University good for international students?

Yes. Ohio University has a dedicated office for global opportunities and often ranks among the top US schools for enrolled international students. OU graduates find success worldwide.

Is Ohio State University good for international students?

Definitely. Ohio State has the largest international student population of any US public university, with over 8,000 global students supported on campus. Graduates secure jobs at major global companies.

How much does it cost to go to OSU for 1 year?

As usual, total cost for all expenses of in-state student living on campus is about $27 000+ per year. The tuition fees are more than that about $34,000 per year for the Out-of-state students.

What GPA do you need for Ohio State University?

The average admitted OSU freshman has a 3.7+ high school GPA. However, holistic factors like test scores, classroom rigor, extracurriculars, and personal essays also matter for admission and scholarship chances.

What GPA do you need to get into Ohio State University for international students?

Due to highly competitive international admission, GPA expectations are even higher – generally 3.8+ out of a 4.0 scale. Scores of 100+ on TOEFL or 7.0+ on IELTS also required. Academic excellence is expected.

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