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University of Oxford Scholarships for International Students 2024

Explore University of Oxford Scholarships for International Students which offers prestigious and generous scholarships like the full-ride Rhodes Scholarship worth around $75,000 per year that covers all tuition, fees and living expenses.

Other awards like the Clarendon Scholarships provide up to $45,000 towards covering students’ tuition fees and living costs at Oxford. Dedicated scholarship programs include the Felix Scholarships ($25,000 stipend), Ertegun Graduate Scholarships ($18,000+ funding), and more while subject-specific awards like the MPLS Doctoral Training Scholarships provide $35,000 stipends supporting students academically.

The Oxford Graduate Global Leaders Scholarship also offers partial funding worth $13,000 – $45,000 based on program and college affiliation to help high-achieving applicants pursue graduate studies across various disciplines.

University of Oxford Scholarships for International Students


The University of Oxford ranks as Number # 1 University in the whole world, It is known for its high quality education in research, teaching and innovation. Oxford is one of the leading universities, which offers scholarships for international students who intend to continue their studying in 2024 for undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD studies.

These prestigious Oxford scholarships help outstanding international scholars gain full or partial financial support during their education.

This in-depth guide covers all you need to know about the many University of Oxford Scholarships for International Students available in 2024, including fully-funded and partial awards by course. You will learn about popular Oxford awards like the prestigious Rhodes Scholarships and Clarendon Scholarships as well as subject-specific funding opportunities. This guide also shares step-by-step application instructions, deadlines, eligibility criteria, and expert tips to help you secure these competitive scholarships. Whether you are interested in Oxford awards to cover your undergraduate degree, master’s studies, PhD, or postgraduate research, this scholarship guide for international students has got you covered. Learn how to leverage world-class Oxford education opportunities through strong scholarship applications.

Fully-Funded Oxford Scholarships

The University of Oxford offers several highly competitive full scholarships that provide outstanding students with full financial support to pursue graduate or postgraduate degrees at Oxford. These prestigious and generous awards cover your full tuition fees, college fees, living expenses, flights, and other costs.

Rhodes Scholarships

Rhodes Scholarships, the oldest of the most renowned Oxford University’s full graduate fellowships. They offer full funding including 2-3 years of postgraduate study to top students with excellent leadership abilities and a commitment towards community service.



Clarendon Scholarships

Clarendon Scholarships are prestigious full scholarships awarded to the top graduate students at Oxford based on academic excellence and research potential.



Partial Oxford Scholarships and Grants

Alongside full scholarships, the University of Oxford also offers a range of partial awards, grants, and funding opportunities to help international students pay for their studies. These help outstanding applicants fund their education and living costs at Oxford.

Felix Scholarships

The Felix Scholarships offer outstanding international students partial funding for DPhil (PhD) research studies across all disciplines at Oxford.



Reach Oxford Scholarships

Reach Oxford Scholarships provide excellent undergraduates from developing countries with partial funding for undergraduate degrees at Oxford.



Oxford Scholarships by Subject/Course

The University of Oxford offers a number of subject and course-specific scholarship schemes to fund students based on their academic focus and research area. These help outstanding candidates gain financial aid for undergraduate, graduate, and research degrees across diverse disciplines.

Scholarships for Undergraduate Courses

Subject-specific undergraduate funding options include:

Scholarships for Master’s Degrees

Some popular master’s level scholarships include:

Scholarships for PhD Programs

Oxford offers dedicated PhD and research funding across subjects:

How to Apply University of Oxford Scholarships for International Students

Applying for competitive Oxford scholarships involves meeting various application requirements and eligibility criteria. Here is an overview of the key details and processes.

Key Application Requirements and Criteria

When applying for Oxford scholarships, you typically need to provide:

Application Timelines and Deadlines

Here is a table outlining the deadline dates for various University of Oxford scholarships for international students in 2024:

Scholarship NameDeadline
Rhodes ScholarshipEarly October 2023
Clarendon ScholarshipEnd of January 2024
Felix ScholarshipEarly February 2024
Reach Oxford ScholarshipCheck university website
MPLS Doctoral Training ProgrammeMid January 2024
Oxford-Indira Gandhi Graduate ScholarshipCheck university website
Oxford Graduate Global Leaders ScholarshipMid January 2024
Newton International FellowshipsEarly May 2024
Ertegun Graduate Scholarship Programme in HumanitiesMid January 2024

Do note that these are approximate deadline dates for popular University Of Oxford Scholarships For International Students 2024. It’s best to check the official University of Oxford scholarships website and individual award pages for updated and exact 2024 deadline details when applications open.

Be sure to apply as early as possible, meet all requirements, and submit your completed applications well in advance of listed deadlines for the best chance at securing these extremely competitive awards.

You Can Apply for University Of Oxford Scholarships For International Students 2024 on their

Official Website

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Eligibility Criteria for Oxford Scholarships

To qualify for the various postgraduate scholarships at the University of Oxford, international applicants must meet certain eligibility standards related to academics, language skills, nationality, financial need, and other criteria.

Academic Performance Requirements

Oxford has high academic expectations when evaluating scholarship applicants:

English Language Requirements

Non-native English speakers generally require:

Nationality and Residency Requirements

Tips for Getting University of Oxford Scholarships For International Students

Here are expert tips to help you successfully win prestigious Oxford scholarships as an international student:

Start Preparing Early

Get Help from Your University

Prepare a Compelling Personal Statement

Submit Outstanding References

Meet All Deadline Requirements

Getting in to Oxford is highly competitive, but strong preparation, meeting eligibility criteria, and submitting outstanding applications can help you win these amazing scholarships.

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The University of Oxford offers a wide range of prestigious and generous scholarships for exceptional international students each year. Full Oxford scholarships like the Rhodes and Clarendon Scholarships provide outstanding scholars the exciting chance to access world-leading education opportunities at one of the top ranked global universities. Partial awards, discipline-specific scholarships, and other funding schemes also enable bright and promising students from across all backgrounds to achieve their academic dreams at Oxford.

From advice on eligibility and applications to guidance on specific subject and degree scholarships, this guide covers everything international students need when applying for competitive Oxford University scholarships for 2024. The key is to start preparing your scholarship applications well in advance, highlight your academic and co-curricular strengths, meet eligibility criteria, and follow all required processes with precision.

With persistence and refusing to take “no” for an answer, you can put yourself in a strong position to be awarded life-changing Oxford funding. The effort is well worth it – these extremely competitive global scholarships allow today’s outstanding scholars to gain access to world-class research and education opportunities that empower them to join the ranks of Oxford’s renowned alumni making an impact across all fields and industries worldwide.


What is the Oxford scholarship UK 2024?

The Oxford scholarship UK 2024 refers to the wide range of full or partial financial awards offered by the University of Oxford to outstanding UK and international students looking to pursue undergraduate or graduate level studies at Oxford in 2024.

Can you get a full scholarship to Oxford as an international student?

Yes, outstanding international students can access various prestigious fully-funded scholarships to Oxford like the globally competitive Rhodes Scholarships or the Clarendon Scholarships which provide full tuition and living expenses.

How can I get 100% scholarship at Oxford?

International applicants can apply for flagship fully-funded opportunities like the Rhodes and Clarendon awards. Competitive applicants demonstrating stellar academics and leadership potential can access full funding this way.

Are the University of Oxford Clarendon scholarships 2024 2025 fully-funded?

Yes the highly prestigious University of Oxford Clarendon Scholarships aimed at graduate scholars are considered fully-funded awards, covering your full tuition and college fees plus generous annual stipends towards living expenses at Oxford.

Is it hard to get a scholarship in Oxford?

Winning scholarships to Oxford is extremely competitive given its status as an elite global institution and the high number of outstanding applicants it attracts every year from across the world.

Who is eligible for the Oxford scholarship?

To be eligible for Oxford scholarships, you typically need to demonstrate exceptional academic ability, strong leadership skills, impressive extra-curricular records and meet criteria like English language proficiency and nationality/residency requirements.

What is the famous scholarship to Oxford?

The Rhodes Scholarship is one of the most oldest and probably the most famous scholarship for postgraduate studies at the University of Oxford, aimed at students who demonstrate remarkable intellect, character, leadership, and commitment to service.

How hard is it to get admission in Oxford as an international student?

Gaining admission as an international student is highly competitive with Oxford accepting around 14% of international applicants on average. You need to demonstrate top grades, high SAT/ACT scores, outstanding extracurriculars and strong letters of recommendations to quality.

What is the most prestigious scholarship at Oxford?

The Rhodes Scholarship is considered among the most prestigious Oxford awards an international scholars from across 63 nations can apply for to fund postgraduate study, enabling access to the university’s world-leading research and education.

How expensive is Oxford for international students?

Expect annual costs for international students at Oxford to average around £27,000 – £39,000 including tuition, college fees, health charges, living expenses, books and more. Costs vary by course.

Is there financial aid for international students at Oxford?

Yes, Oxford offers different financial assistance options like scholarships, grants, bursaries and other funding schemes focused specifically on helping qualified international applicants with costs and living expenses.

How can an international student get into Oxford?

International students can maximize their chances of admission by achieving top grades academically, attaining high standard test scores (SAT, GRE, GMAT etc.), demonstrating strong leadership skills and securing outstanding letters of recommendations from teachers/professors.

What is the hardest subject to get into at Oxford?

For international students looking to attend Oxford, courses under programs like Medicine, PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics), and Economics and Management are often considered among the most competitive paths to get into.

Can an average student get into Oxford?

Yes it is possible for an average scoring student with reasonably good academics to get into Oxford too if they can demonstrate excellence in extracurricular like sports, music, debate/leadership and secure great recommendations emphasizing their strengths.

How can I increase my chances of getting into Oxford?

International applicants can focus on attaining academic and testing excellence, demonstrating leadership qualities, highlighting extracurricular talents, obtaining great references, communicating clear goals/interests and following precise application processes to maximize their Oxford admission chances.

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