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Best UK Scholarships For International Students 2024 – Fully Funded

UK Scholarships For International Students 2024 – Fully Funded explores various scholarship awards available in 2024 for international students pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate degrees in the UK.

These highly competitive scholarships like the Chevening Awards ($50,000) and Commonwealth Scholarships ($60,000) fully cover tuition, accommodation, living expenses and more. Other options outlined include the prestious Rhodes Scholarships ($75,000), Cambridge Trust Awards ($25,000-$35,000) and the Imperial College President’s Scholarships ($45,000) as well as numerous partial scholarships ranging from $5,000 to $20,000 from leading universities across the UK.

The guide covers application timelines, eligibility criteria, preparation strategies and top national and university-specific scholarship programs to consider for 2024 intakes.

Best UK Scholarships For International Students 2024 - Fully Funded

UK Scholarships For International Students 2024 – Fully Funded

Why Study in the UK as an International Student?

For International students UK country is one the most famous study abroad destination because of many benefits which are discuss below .

World-class universities and education

Opportunity to study in English

Different cultures Experience

UK Scholarships for International Students 2024

There are Large Numbers of UK Scholarships for International Students 2024 which are mentioned Below

1- University of Oxford Scholarships

University of Oxford is one the best United Kingdom Institution and also the most popular university in the whole world, which offers every year Fully Funded Scholarships for International Students and also give award worth upto $75,000 per year that covers all tuition, fees and living expenses.

2- Pershing Square Scholarship

The Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship 2024-2025 by Oxford University offers full funding including tuition, fees, and $30K stipend for Oxford graduates students to start their study in beginning of year 2024. 

3- Felix Scholarship

The Felix Scholarship for International Students 2024 offers a generous package of awards, full PhD tuition coverage, stipend support and additional allowances. This scholarship provides recipients with comprehensive funding which has value up to total US $ 300,00 for the duration of 3 to 4 years of a PhD doctoral program at leading universities of UK.

4- Chevening Scholarships

5- Commonwealth Scholarships

6- Rhodes Scholarships

7- Gates Cambridge Scholarships

8- Clarendon Scholarships

9- Oxford Weidenfeld Scholarships

10- Cambridge Trust Scholarship

11- Imperial College President’s PhD Scholarships

12- UCL Excellence Scholarships

13- University of York International Scholarships

14- University of East Anglia Scholarships

15- King’s Undergraduate Scholarships

16- University of Edinburgh Scholarships

Types of UK Scholarships for International Students

There are numerous types of UK Scholarships which are available for international students to fund their studies in the United Kingdom, across different programs and levels of study.

Fully-Funded Undergraduate Scholarships

Examples: Chevening Scholarships, Commonwealth Scholarships

Partially-Funded Undergraduate Scholarships

Examples: University of East Anglia International Excellence Scholarship

Fully-Funded Masters Scholarships


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Partially-Funded Masters Scholarships

Examples: University of York International Masters Scholarships

Fully Funed Scholarships Vs Partial Funded Scholarships

How to Qualify for UK Scholarships as an International Student?

Meeting the eligibility criteria is key to successfully securing any scholarship. Some key criteria considered by UK universities while selecting scholarship recipients:

Academic Performance

Work Experience

Extracurricular Activities

English Proficiency

Meeting even slightly above minimum requirements helps in securing competitive funding. Research specific eligibility criteria before applying.

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How to Apply for UK Scholarships 2024?

Careful preparation and diligently following the application process is key to successfully obtaining scholarships in the UK:

Research Deadlines and Eligibility

Prepare All Required Documents

Ace the Application

Interview Preparation

Check it out UK Scholarships For International Students 2024

Organize yourself, Meet the delaines early and submit requirements step by step via Application.

Top Universities Offering UK Scholarships For International Students 2024

The United Kingdom alone has more than 150 higher education providers in which some of the world’s best universities are also included. Many Top ranked institutions provides a different variety of scholarships programs for international students.

University of Oxford

University of Cambridge

Imperial College London

University College London (UCL)

King’s College London

University of Edinburgh

Some other top ranked and leading institutions like University of Warwick, University of St Andrews, University of Manchester also provides variety of scholarships program for undergraduate and postgraduate levels for international students.


Here is a table of some upcoming UK scholarship deadlines for 2024:

Scholarship NameDeadline
Chevening ScholarshipsNovember 2023
Commonwealth ScholarshipsNovember/December 2023
Rhodes ScholarshipsOctober 2023
Gates Cambridge ScholarshipsOctober 2023
Clarendon ScholarshipsJanuary 2024
University of Oxford Weidenfeld ScholarshipsJanuary 2024
University of Cambridge Trust ScholarshipsDecember 2023
Imperial College President’s PhD ScholarshipsJanuary 2024
Imperial College Master’s ScholarshipsApril/May 2024
UCL Excellence ScholarshipsMarch 2024
UCL Graduate Research ScholarshipsVarious through 2024
University of York International ScholarshipsApril/May 2024
University of East Anglia ScholarshipsMay 2024
King’s Undergraduate ScholarshipsJanuary 2024
King’s International Graduate ScholarshipsApril 2024
University of Edinburgh Mathematics ScholarshipsDecember 2023/January 2024
University of Edinburgh Principal’s ScholarshipsCheck with university

I’ve included some of the major national and university-specific scholarship deadlines for 2024 intakes that were referenced in the article.

Application Timeline for UK Scholarships 2024

Planning the scholarship application journey well in advance is vital for international students. Here is an approximate timeline:

Late 2023 or Early 2024

January to May 2024

May to September 2024

September/October 2024

September 2024 Onwards

if you are careful plan for getting scholarship then this timeline and mindset will increase your chances of success.

Tips for Winning UK Scholarships for International Students 2024

Here are some of tips for wining UK Scholarships for International Students 2024 which increase their chances of success to get UK scholarships:

Start Early

Target Various Scholarships

Perfect Your Applications

Practise Interviewing

Proofread Documents

Following these tips will help international students perfect every stage of their scholarship applications.


The United Kingdom provides a world-class learning environment and attractive options for international students looking for scholarships. From covering full costs to partial funding, there are varied scholarships on offer across undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

When applying for competitive UK Scholarships For International Students 2024, prospective students should evaluate eligibility criteria thoroughly, choose universities wisely based on courses offered and funding availability, prepare documents and applications meticulously well in advance of deadlines, and highlight their academic and extracurricular achievements clearly.

With careful research, planning and persistently targeting relevant opportunities, international students have a strong chance of securing scholarships allowing them to study at renowned universities in the UK.

The information provided in this blog post aims to give guidance across all aspects of UK Scholarships For International Students 2024 – from why to study in UK and scholarship types available to application timelines, preparation strategies and tips to win these awards. Please feel free to get in touch for any other queries.


How can an international student get a full scholarship in UK? 

Apply for prestigious, competitive scholarships like Chevening, Commonwealth etc. Have an exceptional academic record, strong extracurriculars, clear goals and financial need.

What is the UK university scholarship 2024? 

Various UK universities offer scholarships in 2024 covering partial/full tuition fees or living costs, awarded based on merit, need etc. Check individual university websites.

What is the Great UK scholarship 2024? 

I’m not aware of any scholarship specifically named the Great UK Scholarship 2024. Please clarify name if it exists. Generally the UK has many great scholarship options.

Can I get 100% scholarship in UK? 

Yes, scholarships like Chevening and Commonwealth offer full scholarships covering tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses for international students but these are Highly competitive.

Who is eligible for scholarship in UK? 

Each scholarship has own eligibility – generally based on nationality, academics, English requirements, financial need etc. Undergraduates to PhDs can apply.

Which country is easiest to get full scholarship? 

Some countries with most fully funded scholarship options are UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Germany based on number of available scholarships. Success depends on quality of profile.

Is it good to study in UK in 2024? 

Yes, UK has some of the best universities in the world. 2024 intakes should not have major issues post-pandemic. Strong education system and career prospects make UK attractive.

When to apply for UK universities 2024? 

Undergraduate – Apply between Sep 2023 to Jan 2024. Postgraduate – Apply Dec 2023 to June 2024. Confirm deadlines for all choices.

Which university in UK provide full scholarship? 

Many top UK unis offer full scholarships like Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, UCL, Warwick etc. Also external agencies give UK scholarships.

What is the tuition fee in the UK in 2024? 

International undergraduate fees are £10,000 to £28,000 per year. Postgraduate fees range from £12,000 to £32,000 or more for MBA programs at top schools.

How to prepare for scholarships UK? 

Review eligibility criteria. Research thoroughly, start early, prepare strong applications highlighting achievements, get recommendation letters, practise interviews.

What is the last date of UK scholarship? 

No general deadline – each scholarship has own deadlines. Undergraduate deadlines are early 2024 while postgraduate deadlines stretch till June/July 2024 usually.

Is it cheaper to study in UK or USA? 

Studying undergraduate or postgraduate programs in the UK works out slightly cheaper on average compared to universities in USA.

Which is better to study USA or UK? 

Both USA and UK have top global universities. Choice depends on preferred schools for your major, specific programs, scholarship funding available, post-study work visa policies.

When should I start applying for fall 2024 UK? 

Start preparing your documents for scholarship around 12 months before fall 2024 intake, so around August/September 2023. Finalize choices by December 2023 and submit applications.

Is it hard to get a scholarship to the UK? 

Yes, UK scholarships are highly competitive, especially fully funded options that cover all costs. But good profiles have a decent chance if they apply smartly to multiple relevant awards.

Is it easy to get fully funded scholarship in UK? 

No, fully funded 100% scholarships for internationals are highly competitive. But exceptional students can win them. More applicants qualify for partial funding.

What grades do you need for a scholarship UK? 

Most require First class or upper second class marks in relevant undergrad/postgrad. Some need 90%+ in specific subjects. Meet minimum eligibility then aim higher.

Which is best intake for UK? 

September/October intakes are most popular at UK universities. Good number of programs also start in January intakes after the holiday period.

When should I apply for January 2024 intake in UK?

Applications for January 2024 intake open around August 2023. Deadlines range from October to December 2023 depending on university and course selected.

How many intakes are in UK? 

Usually 2 intakes per year – September/October intake and January intake. Some universities offer a third intake around March/April also.

Which scholarship is easy to get in UK? 

Partial fee coverage options are easiest if eligibility criteria is met precisely. Sports scholarships relatively easier if applicant excels in a UK popular sport.

Can I work in UK with a scholarship? 

Yes, UK scholarships allow part time work up to 20 hours during week, full time in holidays. Helps supplement living costs.

How much percentage is required to study in UK with scholarship? 

Most require First class or upper second class in relevant degree. Some need 90%+ in specific subjects. Entry criteria is high for funded places.

Is it hard to get a scholarship in UK for an international student? 

Yes, UK scholarships are highly competitive for internationals given the global demand. But strong profiles willing to put in effort on applications can succeed.

How much scholarship can I get in UK for international students? 

Amount varies based on scholarship – some cover full tuition + living costs £25k+ per year while others may give £5k-£10k towards partial fees.

Can an international student study in UK for free? 

Extremely rare. Full scholarships cover costs but are very competitive. Maybe possible at PhD level doing paid research. Needs exceptional academic profile.

How much percentage is required for scholarship in UK for international students?

Most require First class or upper second class marks in Bachelor’s. Some need 90%+ in specific subjects. Meeting minimum then aiming higher essential.

Which university in UK gives the most scholarship? 

Prestigious universities like Oxbridge, UCL, Imperial College, Warwick etc likely offer most total scholarship funding across various programs.

What GPA is required for a scholarship in UK? 

UK unis don’t use GPA, but based on percentage a First class is ~4.0 GPA, upper second ~3.7 GPA. Meet minimum GPA levels then aim higher.

How do I get a scholarship for university UK? 

Research all available options in your field early, prepare an exceptional application meeting all criteria, highlight academic and extracurricular achievements.

How much scholarship can I get to study in UK? 

Amount varies based on specific scholarship and criteria you meet – full program fees £25k+ or partial £5k-£15k. Research options.

How can I get a free degree UK? 

Extremely rare for international students. Maybe possible at PhD level doing paid research work. Needs exceptional academic profile.

How much is a semester at UK? 

Around £5,000 to £14,000 per semester depending on program/university. Humanities cheaper than STEM. Cost of living extra.

Can I go to UK with low GPA? 

Yes but options extremely limited. Typically need good upper second class / 3.3+ GPA for UK acceptances with funding support.

Can you get into Oxford with a low GPA? 

Extremely unlikely. Oxford needs exceptional academics including a First Class or high GPA like 3.8+. Some leniency if applicant excels otherwise.

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