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Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship 2024-2025 by Oxford University

The Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship 2024-2025 by Oxford University offers full funding including tuition, fees, and $30K stipend for Oxford graduates students to start their study in beginning of year 2024. These scholarships available initially across disciplines. Selection based on academic excellence and leadership potential to create real-world impact.

The Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship 2024-2025 provides full funding for a graduate degree at the University of Oxford. The award covers all tuition and fees plus a $30,000 annual stipend for living expenses.

First 100 scholarships will be awarded in the first intake, with plans to expand in future years. Eligible students demonstrate top 1% academic achievement, financial need, intellectual curiosity and a commitment to service. Applications open mid-2024 for 2025 enrollment.

Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship 2024-2025 by Oxford University

Pershing Square Graduate Scholarships 2024-2025 By Oxford

Overview of the Pershing Square Scholarships

The Pershing Square Graduate Scholarships are a new initiative by the Pershing Square Foundation, founded by billionaire investor Bill Ackman, to fund outstanding graduate students at the University of Oxford starting in 2024.

The Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship 2024 have their origins in Bill Ackman’s long-standing appreciation for the Oxford approach to education, which emphasizes critical thinking and individualized mentorship. As part of his foundation’s work exploring academic endeavors, Ackman donated money to fund 100 fully-funded scholarships for excellent students to make the most of Oxford.

Some key details on the origin and purpose of the scholarships:

At one of the world’s top universities, financial barriers are removed for promising personnel who can make a positive contribution to their field and society. That is in fact the objective of the Pershing Square Scholarships.
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Scholarship Benefits and Details

The Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship 2024 will cover tuition and living expenses in full for graduate study at Oxford. Here are the key benefits provided:

Unlike many other scholarships which provide one-time or partial funding, the Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship 2024 cover the complete cost of an Oxford graduate degree.

Other key details on the scholarships:

By eliminating economic barriers to attending Oxford, the scholarships aim to enable the best and brightest minds to advance their graduate studies.

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Eligibility Requirements

The Pershing Square Scholarships are merit-based awards open to academically outstanding students who have been accepted into graduate degree programs at the University of Oxford. The key eligibility criteria are:

Importantly, the scholarships have a socioeconomic as well as academic focus – designed to elevate promising individuals who could not otherwise afford Oxford without financial assistance.

Additional considerations:

Meeting the competitive academic bar for entry into Oxford is a key requirement. But the scholarships specifically aim to make an Oxford education accessible by breaking down financial barriers.

By supporting outstanding talent from underprivileged backgrounds, the hope is to nurture a more socioeconomically diverse pool of leaders tackling complex global issues.

Selection Criteria and Process

Selection for the Pershing Square Scholarships is based on outstanding intellectual ability, leadership potential and a desire to use knowledge to contribute real-world impact.

The key criteria considered are:

A cross-disciplinary selection committee reviews all applications and conducts interviews to evaluate candidates on these criteria.

In the initial 2023 pilot round, winning scholars possessed:

The aim is to enable brilliant, well-rounded individuals most likely to push new boundaries in their fields and uplift others. By selecting future leaders across disciplines, the scholarships hope to catalyze progress on complex global issues.

How to Apply for the Pershing Square Oxford Scholarship

Applications for the Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship 2024-2025 open in mid-2024 on the Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship website. The key steps are:

  1. Meet admission requirements – apply and be accepted into a graduate program at Oxford
  2. Prepare application materials
    • Academic transcripts and test scores (GRE, TOEFL etc.)
    • Letters of recommendation highlighting intellectual and leadership abilities
    • Essays on academic interests, goals, need for scholarship
    • Updated CV showcasing achievements
  3. Submit by scholarship deadline – varies by department, closes in early 2024
  4. Interview – shortlisted candidates only

Strong applications paint a picture of well-rounded excellence – outstanding academic ability plus intellectual curiosity to grow knowledge and make an impact.

When conveying financial need, detail any challenges you’ve overcome and how the scholarship will benefit your graduate work and future opportunities.

Leverage all parts of the application to demonstrate you have the vision and potential to create meaningful change in your disciplines.

You Can Apply for Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship 2024-2025 on their

Official Website

You can also check other Scholarships in UK

Here is a table summarizing some of the key scholarship deadlines for graduate study at Oxford and Cambridge starting in 2024:

Scholarship NameUniversityDeadline
Pershing Square ScholarshipOxfordJanuary 2024
Rhodes ScholarshipOxfordOctober 2023
Clarendon FundOxfordJanuary 2024
Gates Cambridge ScholarshipCambridgeDecember 2023
Churchill ScholarshipCambridgeNovember 2023
Schlumberger ScholarshipCambridgeJanuary 2024

The Pershing Square Scholarship application opens in mid-2024 for the 2024-2025 scholar class. Exact deadlines vary by course of study but are typically in January 2024.

Other leading scholarships like Gates Cambridge, Rhodes, and Clarendon Fund have Fall 2023 deadlines for admission and funding decisions by early 2024.

Please refer to the individual scholarship websites for complete details, as some courses may have earlier departmental deadlines.


With this newest round of Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship 2024, Oxford will offer an incredible opportunity for the world’s top graduate students to study at this legendary institution in 2024.

These scholarships cover the whole cost of tuition, fees and living expenses. It completely avoids the financial obstacles that would otherwise prevent high-potential students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds from entering one of the world’s best universities.

Key details to remember:

The application for the 2024 scholar class opens mid-2023. We encourage interested students who meet the eligibility criteria and desire to grow knowledge to drive progress to apply.

Visit the Pershing Square Oxford website for application specifics and updates. Please direct any other questions to the Pershing Square Foundation team.


What is the Oxford Pershing Square graduate scholarship 2024 2025 fully funded study in the UK?

The Oxford Pershing Square graduate Scholarship is a new fully-funded scholarship opportunity offered by the Pershing Square Foundation to cover the full costs of a 1-3 year graduate degree at Oxford University in the UK beginning in the 2024-2025 academic year.

What is the fully funded scholarship for Oxford 2024?

The Pershing Square Scholarship is the main fully-funded scholarship option that covers all expenses to pursue a graduate degree at Oxford starting in 2024. The Rhodes Scholarship is another prestigious fully-funded option for Oxford.

What is the matched fund for Oxford graduate scholarships?

The Clarendon Fund offers generous matching funding to supplement departmental scholarships at Oxford. For example, if you receive a partial scholarship from your Oxford department, Clarendon will top it off.

How to get 100% scholarship in Oxford?

The Pershing Square Scholarship is one of the most direct path currently to get fully funding of 100% for Oxford graduate study covering tuition, fees, and living costs. Applying for and securing full scholarships from your department also offers potential full funding.

Can you get 100% scholarship at Oxford?

Yes, the new Pershing Square Scholarship offers comprehensive 100% fully funding for Oxford graduate students covering all their costs and expenses. Departmental scholarships also sometimes offer full ride support.

Who is eligible for the Oxford Pershing Square scholarship?

All those graduate students who is belonging to any background or nationality is eligible for Oxford Pershing Square Scholarship program who have been admitted into an Oxford graduate program and can demonstrate financial need are eligible.

What is the famous Oxford scholarship?

There are many famous Oxford scholarships But the most famous one is Rhodes Scholarship and selective Oxford graduate scholarships which is enabling more than 200 excellent students per year to study at Oxford University.

How to get a scholarship to Cambridge?

Strong options are the Gates Cambridge Scholarship which offers full funding for graduate study at Cambridge, or individual department funding that Cambridge colleges provide to top admitted graduate applicants.

Is it hard to get Oxford scholarship?

Yes generally very competitive similar to Ivy League schools in the US. Rhodes scholarship acceptance rates are only 0.7-2% for example, but Pershing Square aims to award many more scholarships annually.

How to afford Oxford Masters?

Applying for scholarships like Pershing Square or departmental funding opportunities provide the best means to afford an Oxford Masters without reliance on loans or savings. Research assistant roles at Oxford also offer tuition coverage.

Does Cambridge offer full scholarships?

Yes, Cambridge offers prestigious full ride scholarship options like the Gates Cambridge to fully fund its graduate students. Certain departments also have full scholarships based on research specialization that cover the complete cost.

What is LSE scholarship?

LSE stands for London School of Economics. The LSE Scholarship is a high competition opportunity of scholarship for international graduate students who have excellent academic record and those international students are admitted to London School of Economics for study of Masters programs in which covering full tuition and fees.

Is the University of Oxford Clarendon scholarship fully funded in UK 2024?

The Clarendon Scholarship offers generous partial funding that can fully fund an Oxford graduate degree when matched with departmental funding. For 2024 entry, it covers £17,215 of tuition and living expenses.

What is the British scholarship 2024?

Some examples of prominent British scholarships available for 2024 graduate study include the Rhodes Scholarship, Gates Cambridge Scholarship, Pershing Square Oxford Scholarship, and the UK Government’s Chevening Scholarship covering tuition and living costs for international students.

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