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Griffith University Scholarships 2024 – Fully Funded Opportunities

Griffith University Scholarships 2024-2025 are available for international students to pursue their undergraduate, post graduate or post doctoral studies. Griffith University offer many scholarship programs in which Some are fully funded and some are partially funded.

Griffith University Scholarships open doors for International students to access life-changing education opportunities. With a diverse range of high-value scholarships, funding is available for scholars across merit, equity, accommodation, sports and more.

Leading scholarship packages worth upwards of $28,000 provide complete cost coverage. The prestigious Griffith International Awards grant full tuition plus a $28,000 living allowance stipend. The competitive Griffith Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship reserves $20,000 for recipient use. STEM focused academics can benefit from a $15,000 Griffith STEM Excellence Scholarship. Aspiring athletes compete for athletic scholarships covering 25% to full tuition.

Meanwhile, students facing hardship can offset costs with a $6,000 accommodation grant or $5,000 equity scholarship. Partial tuition scholarships between 50% to 100% also assist Honours applicants and Business students through graduation.

By recognizing excellence in all forms, Griffith University scholarships empower dreamers to turn ambition into achievement.

Griffith University Scholarships


One of the leading universities in Australia is Griffith University which offers a diversity of undergraduate and post graduate degree programs. It has a high international standing too, drawing students from around the world. Griffith provides variety of scholarship options to international students for their support to achieving higher education.

For 2024 enrollment, Griffith University is offering several fully-funded scholarship programs that cover tuition fees as well as living expenses. These scholarships are an outstanding opportunity for students to study in Australia tuition-free while only needing to cover basic living costs.

This blog post will provide an in-depth overview of the key fully funded Griffith University scholarships available for international students looking to enroll in 2024. We will cover eligibility criteria, application timelines, selection criteria, award details, and tips for submitting a winning scholarship application.

Griffith University International Scholarships 2024

The Griffith University International Scholarships are the leading fully funded scholarships at Griffith University aimed at high-achieving international students from any country. These scholarships provide an award package covering tuition fees for the entire program duration as well as a living stipend.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Griffith University Scholarships For International Students 2024, applicants must:

Award Details

The Griffith University Scholarships For International Students provide recipients with:

The scholarships are renewable each year provided recipients maintain a GPA of 6.0 out of 7.
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Griffith Honours Scholarships 2024

The Griffith Honours Scholarships are awarded to high-achieving students applying for honours programs at Griffith University. These programs recognize excellent academic performance in an undergraduate bachelor’s degree.

Griffith offers honours programs across fields like arts, business, criminology, education, engineering, health, science, and more. The honours scholarships reward talented students pursuing research-intensive postgraduate study.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for a Griffith Honours Scholarship, applicants must:

Award Details

The Griffith University Honours Scholarships provide funding covering 50% to 100% of tuition fees for the honours program. The award amount depends on the strength of the applicant.

In addition, some honours programs have supplemental scholarships and grants available through external funding bodies Research Training Program (RTP) providers. With these additional awards, students can reduce their overall education costs significantly or even study tuition-free.

For example, high performing applicants admitted into the Griffith Sciences or Engineering Honours programs can apply for an RTP Stipend Scholarship valued at over $28,000 per year. This covers all tuition fees and provides a generous living allowance.

Griffith Sports Scholarships 2024

Griffith University offers leading sports scholarships supporting elite athletes who excel both academically and in their chosen sport. These scholarships aim to foster the next generation of top athletic talent.

The Griffith Sports Scholarship program is open to domestic and international students who compete at state, national or international level in their sport. Scholarships are available across 30+ sporting categories like soccer, cricket, netball, rugby, swimming, and more.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for a 2024 Griffith University Sports Scholarship, applicants must:

Award Details

Griffith Sports Scholarships provide between 25% to 100% of tuition fee coverage depending on the applicant’s academic and athletic calibre. The top scholarships additionally cover accommodation costs.

Scholarship amounts are determined based on assessment of the applicant’s previous sporting achievements and demonstrated potential to excel. Renewal each year is subject to satisfactory academic performance.

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Griffith STEM Scholarships 2024

Griffith University provides a number of STEM scholarships for students studying degrees in science, technology, engineering or mathematics. These scholarships provide support for gifted students, and help develop the STEM professionals and innovators of tomorrow.

Griffith STEM scholarships are awarded to both domestic and international students enrolling in programs such as Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Information Technology, or other bachelor degrees.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for a Griffith STEM Scholarship 2024, applicants must:

Award Details

The Griffith STEM Scholarships provide funding support between $5,000 to $20,000 based on the student’s academic merit and personal achievements. The scholarships are one-time awards applied directly to the first year’s tuition fee.

By combining the STEM scholarship with other grants and external awards, students can significantly lower their educational costs or potentially enjoy full tuition coverage.

External Scholarships for Griffith University

In addition to the wide range of internal scholarships, Griffith University students can apply for various external scholarships and funding opportunities to help finance their studies. These awards are provided by government bodies, non-profits, private companies and more.

Some leading external scholarships that Griffith University students consistently receive include:

Fulbright Scholarships

Australia Awards Scholarships

Endeavour Scholarships

Leveraging both Griffith University scholarships along with external awards can make studying in Australia much more affordable. Fore More Information you can check here

Eligibility Criteria for Griffith Scholarships 2024

There are some core eligibility factors that applicants for all Griffith University scholarships in 2024 need to fulfill:

Academic Requirements

English Language Proficiency

Enrollment Status

Additional eligibility factors apply for specific scholarship types:

Merit Scholarships

Sports Scholarships

Equity and Access Scholarships

How to Apply for Griffith University Scholarships

Applications for Griffith University Scholarships require you to submit a complete application that shows your accomplishments, passion, and potential. 
Here is the detail overview of application process:

Gather Required Documents

You will need to have the following documents ready to submit:

Submit Online Application

Griffith has an online scholarship portal where you can create an account and submit your application digitally. You will need to fill out various information fields and upload your documents.

Make sure your files are properly scanned and certified before uploading them into the scholarship application system.

Meet Application Deadlines

Griffith has three scholarship rounds each year with deadlines:

Submit your scholarship application during the cycle aligned with when you plan to enroll. Applying early maximizes your chances.

Here is a table summarizing key details of major Griffith University scholarships for international students in 2024:

Scholarship NameDeadlineDetails
Griffith International Scholarship1 March 2024Covers full tuition fees and $28,000 living allowance. For high-achievers with 6.5+ GPA
Griffith STEM Excellence Scholarship1 March 2024$15,000 award for gifted STEM students
Griffith Sports Scholarship1 August 202425-100% tuition coverage for elite athletes
Griffith Honours Scholarship1 October 202450-100% tuition fees covered for outstanding honours applicants
Griffith Business School Future Leaders Scholarship1 March 2024Merits-based 50% tuition waiver + workplace mentoring
Griffith Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship1 October 2024Top international students get $20,000 funding
Griffith Accommodation Scholarship1 August 2024$6,000 accommodation costs award
Griffith Equity Scholarship1 March 2024$5,000 tuition grant for disadvantaged students
Note : Sometime deadline varies with time you can also check it here

You Can Apply for Griffith University Scholarships 2024 – Fully Funded For International Students on their

Official Website

Scholarship Application Tips and Tricks

Applying for a Griffith University scholarship is extremely competitive. Here are some key strategies to help your application stand out:

Write a Strong Personal Statement

Your personal statement is make-or-break. Griffith’s scholarship committee wants to understand your background, goals and motivations. Tell your unique story compellingly within 500 words highlighting both your achievements and adversity you have overcome.

Get Standout Reference Letters

Make sure to approach professors or mentors who know you well enough to speak in-depth regarding your qualities. Provide them guidance on key areas to emphasize that align with the scholarship criteria.

Present a Compelling Profile

Beyond strong grades or test scores, scholarships assess you as a candidate holistically. Showcasing leadership roles, volunteering work, creative talents and global experiences gives context about your interests and character.

Verify Attention to Detail

Carefully proofread all parts of the application, double check transcripts and certificates, and ensure accurate completion of all sections. Even minor errors can hurt your chances when competition is stiff.

Taking time to submit excellent supporting documents and personal narrative sets your application up for success.


Griffith University has extensive scholarship opportunities for high calibre international students looking to enroll in 2024, with several fully-funded awards covering tuition and living expenses.

Their leading awards include the Griffith International Scholarships, Griffith Honours Scholarships, Sports Scholarships and STEM Scholarships catering to students with outstanding academic merit, athletic talents or strong aptitudes in mathematics and scientific fields.

In addition, external scholarship providers offer awards that can be leveraged on top of Griffith funding to lower the overall cost of education significantly.

By applying well in advance, preparing excellent supporting documents, writing compelling narratives and highlighting both academic and personal strengths, prospective Griffith students stand a strong chance of qualifying for scholarships and grants enabling affordable global education.

The key is to thoroughly assess eligibility criteria for each award and strategically present yourself as an ideal recipient in the detailed application process.


How to get scholarship in Griffith University?

To get a scholarship at Griffith University, you need to explore eligibility criteria for available awards, prepare a strong application highlighting both academic and personal strengths, and meet all documentation and deadline requirements outlined in the scholarship process.

Can I get Griffith University Scholarships?

Yes, Griffith offers various merit-based and equity scholarships for high-achieving domestic and international students across undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs. By presenting a compelling student profile, you stand a good chance of qualifying for funding.

How much is the tuition fee in Griffith University?

Annual international student tuition fees at Griffith University range between $22,000 to $39,000 AUD depending on degree level and program selected. However, scholarships can make education more affordable.

How much is Griffith University application fee for international students?

The application fee for international students applying to Griffith University is $55 AUD which is non-refundable.

How much CGPA is required for scholarship in Australia?

Many universities in Australia have requirement of minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher for international students and 4 point scale will be considered for merit-based scholarships. But averages of 6.5+ on a 7-point scale are more competitive.

Is 2.5 GPA accepted in Australia?

Yes, a GPA of 2.5 is the standard minimum requirement for admission at Australian universities for international undergraduate applicants. But higher GPAs strengthen your chances of getting accepted and qualifying for scholarships.

Which university in Australia gives 100% scholarship?

Several top Australian universities like ANU, University of Melbourne, Monash University, University of Sydney and more offer prestigious full scholarships covering 100% of tuition fees and living expenses to exemplary PhD and research students every year.

Does Griffith University offer scholarships for international students?

Yes, Griffith offers a substantial number of scholarships for new and current international students across academic merit, equity, accommodation, sports and more. High calibre students can get part or full tuition coverage.

What is the minimum GPA for Griffith?

The minimum GPA for admission at Griffith University is 2.5 out of 4, which equals a 62.5 percentage. However, averages of 70%+ make your application more competitive for coveted programs.

Why Griffith University is best for international students?

Griffith University stands out with pioneer teaching models focused on practical real-world skills, state-of-the-art campus infrastructure, tailored support programs for internationals, and excellence in current global issues research attractive to aspirational students worldwide.

What is Griffith University best for?

Griffith University is widely recognized for its leading programs across diverse areas like business, criminology, environmental science, film studies, medicine, tourism, international relations, journalism, law and more.

Is Griffith University good for international students?

Yes, Griffith has an excellent reputation globally and is considered among the top choices in Australia for international students with its multicultural student community, specialised degree programs catering to worldwide trends, overseas support infrastructure and focus on developing graduates ready for global careers.

Is it easy to get admission in Griffith University?

Griffith University has a 77% international student acceptance rate making it relatively easier for offshore applicants to secure admission compared to some other top Australian powerhouses given its targeted focus on student diversity and access-for-all approach.

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