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University of Oregon Full Scholarships 2024 For International Students

The University of Oregon Scholarships program provides over $100 million in financial assistance to help talented students access world-class educational opportunities regardless of their financial circumstances.

University of Oregon offers prestigious full ride scholarships like the $60,000 4-year Freshmen Honor Awards in addition to partial merit scholarships ranging from $4,000 to $12,000 per year such as the Dean’s Achievement Awards. Furthermore, need-based grants like the $4,000 Duck Nest Grant and athletic scholarships worth upwards of $70,000 per year help high-achieving, low-income students.

Several departmental and donor funded scholarship funds award between $1,000 to $5,000 towards educational expenses annually. By providing one of the most generous mixes of gift aid via grants and waived tuition fees in scholarships, University of Oregon upholds its mission of making quality higher education affordable and accessible for all.

University of Oregon Full Scholarships

Overview of University of Oregon Scholarships 2024

The University of Oregon provides financial aids and scholarships to students at all levels (undergraduate, graduate and PhD). These scholarships are likewise open to domestic and overseas students.

Some of the key things to know about UO scholarships:

In this comprehensive guide, we will provide an overview of the main fully funded and partial scholarship offerings at UO, their application deadlines and tips for prospective students.

University of Oregon Full Scholarships 2024

The University of Oregon offers a limited number of full ride scholarships that cover complete tuition fees, room & board costs, books, supplies and even travel expenses in some cases. These highly competitive scholarships are awarded to exceptional domestic and international applicants exhibiting outstanding academic achievements, sports talent or underserved socioeconomic backgrounds.

Some examples of full scholarships offered by UO are:

Next, we will look at fully funded awards for undergraduates and graduates at UO in more detail.

Fully Funded Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

The university aims to attract and retain outstanding students at the undergraduate level by offering the following competitive full scholarships:

Freshmen Honors Awards

Coverage: Tuition, Fees, Housing, Meals, Books
Eligibility: Incoming first-year students
Selection Criteria: Academic excellence in high school curriculum

These prestigious awards are offered to only 20 exemplary incoming freshmen annually who have a track record of academic distinction in high school. It covers 100% of the total cost of attending UO for 4 years.

Access Scholarship

Coverage: Tuition, Fees, Housing, Meals, Books
Eligibility: Pell-eligible, first-generation students
Selection Criteria: Exceptional academic achievement amidst socioeconomic disadvantages

This need-based full ride scholarship aims to improve college access for high-achieving, low-income students who are first-generation college attendees.

Tuition Promise Program

Coverage: 100% tuition and fees for 4 years
Eligibility: Oregon resident, GPA 3.4+
Selection Criteria: Financial need and academic record

This unique program guarantees to cover full tuition and fees for all four years to Oregon freshmen and transfer students with demonstrated financial need and stellar academic credentials.

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Fully Funded Scholarships for Graduate Students

The university also invests in developing top-notch scholars and researchers at the graduate level by funding their education and living costs. The major awards are:

Graduate Student Promise Scholarship

Coverage: Tuition, Fees plus $22,000/year stipend
Eligibility: PhD students with exceptional academic qualifications
Field of Study: Any

This prestigious award covers 100% of tuition and fees plus a generous $22,000 annual stipend to enable outstanding PhD candidates focus on research full time during their graduate studies.

Summit Scholarship for Environmental Leaders

Coverage: Tuition, Room, Board, Fees
Eligibility: Incoming Graduate Students
Field of Study: Environmental Studies and Sustainability

Exemplary graduate scholars pursuing environment-related master’s or PhD degrees can apply for this competitive full scholarship that will fund their entire period of study at UO.

Graduate Research Assistantship

Coverage: Tuition plus Stipend
Eligibility: Graduate Students
Obligation: Assist Faculty with Research

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University of Oregon Partial Scholarships 2024

In addition to the highly selective full scholarships above, the University of Oregon also offers a wide range of partial scholarships and grants that provide varying amounts of tuition fee and living costs coverage to admit academically talented domestic and international students across diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.

These partial awards help bridge the gap between the full cost of attendance and what students and families can contribute via savings, income, loans and work study.

Some examples of popular partial scholarships offered by UO are:

Academic Merit Based Scholarships

The university grants partial tuition fee waivers ranging from $4,000 to $12,000 per year to incoming undergraduates who have a stellar academic track record.

Dean’s Achievement Award

Amount: $7,000 to $12,000 per year
Eligibility: Resident freshmen in top 10% of graduating class

This prestigious scholarship is awarded to incoming Oregon freshmen ranked in the top 10% of their high school graduating class in recognition of exceptional academic abilities. The award amount depends on student’s academic credentials.

Departmental Merit Awards

Amount: $4,000 to $8,000 per year
Eligibility: Undergraduates majoring in specific programs

Many departments like Business, Journalism, Music, Honors College etc. offer talent-based awards to motivate students exhibiting strong potential in their respective disciplines. Award amounts vary.

Need Based Scholarships

The university has a strong commitment towards college access and offers need-based grants to ensure deserving students can afford quality education.

Duck Nest Grant

Amount: Up to $4,000 per year
Eligibility: Undergraduates with extreme financial hardship

This supplemental grant helps students facing unexpected financial crises that threaten their ability to stay enrolled. It covers emergency expenses like medical bills, loss of employment etc.

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Emergency Aid Grant

Amount: Up to $500 per term
Eligibility: Students facing urgent, essential expenses

This short-term assistance is for students who have an urgent, essential expense not covered by other aid. It helps tide them over in crises so they can recover and stay on track academically.

Athletic Scholarships

The Ducks provide talent-based athletic scholarships ranging from partial to full tuition waiver plus coverage of housing, meals, stipend to recruit and support student-athletes. UO has excellent sports facilities and renowned coaches.

Fine Arts Scholarships

The university attracts promising musicians, performers, artists and theater students by offering them partial tuition scholarships and talent awards in recognition of their abilities. High calibre equipment and expert faculty provide a vibrant environment for budding artists to thrive.

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University of Oregon Scholarships Deadlines 2024

Students interested in applying for admissions and scholarships at the University of Oregon should be aware of the following priority deadlines for submission of applications:

TermScholarship DeadlineDecision Release
Fall 2024November 1, 2023Mid-March 2024
Winter 2025November 15, 2024Mid-December 2024
Spring 2025February 1, 2024Mid-March 2024

Meeting the priority scholarship deadlines maximizes your chances to get chosen for prestigious flagship awards like the Freshmen Honor and Summit Scholarship early on. Applying early shows your strong interest in UO and gives more time for awards processing and enrollment planning.

You Can Apply for University of Oregon Full Scholarships 2024 For International Students on their

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Here is a table summarizing some of the key scholarship deadlines and names for University of Oregon international students in 2024:

Scholarship NameDeadlineAmountKey Facts
Freshmen Honor AwardNovember 1, 2023Full rideCovers full COA for 4 years
Summit ScholarshipJanuary 15, 2024Full tuitionFor env. studies masters and PhD students
Access ScholarshipFebruary 1, 2024Full COAFor first-generation, Pell-eligible students
Graduate Research Asst.Varies by deptVariesWork as research/teaching assistant
Gilman ScholarshipEarly March 2024$5,000For undergrad study abroad programs
Athletic ScholarshipsVaries by sportUp to full rideAwards for student-athletes
Oregon Student Aid GrantAs early as possible$2,250 per yearNeed-based grant for eligible costs

COA = Cost of Attendance covering tuition, housing, meals, books, supplies etc.

As you can see, University of Oregon offers a range of prestigious merit and need-based scholarship opportunities to support high achieving international students across diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. Applying before priority deadlines ensures full consideration for these competitive awards. External programs also supplement funding.

Application Process for UO Scholarships

The university has a centralized application process for admissions and majority of scholarships. Here are the key details:

The online MyOregon student portal is used for submitting applications for both admissions and scholarships at University of Oregon. Students fill out a common application essay and can apply for multiple scholarship opportunities using the integrated system.

Application materials required include grades transcripts, SAT/ACT test scores, counselor evaluation, activities resume and academic letters of recommendation. Customized supplemental forms may be needed for some awards.

The key selection criteria evaluated by the scholarship committee are:

Most scholarships are renewable annually for up to 4 years upon meeting academic performance metrics like minimum GPA and annual credit completion requirements.

External Scholarships for University of Oregon

In addition to the wide array of institution-based scholarships, students are also encouraged to apply for relevant external awards funded by state, federal and private organizations.

Some examples of external scholarships that University of Oregon students can apply for include:

Oregon Student Aid Grant: Need-based aid for undergraduate or certificate students to pay tuition fees at Oregon colleges. Award amount varies based on FAFSA data.

Ford Foundation Fellowship: Three year predoctoral, dissertation and postdoctoral fellowships for underrepresented minorities pursuing research-based PhD degrees. Includes stipend and full tuition coverage.

Fulbright Fellowships: Allow graduates to conduct research or teach English abroad. Cover travel, living costs and tuition in host country. Highly prestigious and competitive.

Gates Millennium Scholars Program: Fully funded six year undergraduate through PhD funding for outstanding minority students in fields like computer science, education, engineering etc.

Gilman International Scholarship: Awards up to $5,000 for American undergraduates to fund study abroad programs for academic credit. Aims to diversify study abroad participation.

Morrill Scholarship: Full ride scholarship named after Senator Justin Morrill who established the American public university system. Fully funds tuition, housing, meals and other costs at any public university nationwide.

Students should leverage online scholarship databases like FastWeb and to find awards funded by Rotary Clubs, professional organizations, private foundations and other donors that support University of Oregon students.

Final Tips for University of Oregon Scholarships 2024

The University of Oregon offers an outstanding educational experience focused on creativity, innovation, research and pushing disciplinary boundaries. They provide plenty of scholarship opportunities to ensure cost isn’t a barrier for high achieving students from diverse backgrounds to access world class faculty and facilities.

Some closing tips regarding UO scholarships:


The University of Oregon offers a robust financial aid and scholarship program to fulfill their mission of providing access to affordable, quality higher education.

As covered in this comprehensive guide, they provide a mix of prestigious full ride scholarships like their flagship Freshmen Honor Awards in addition to partial tuition awards, need-based grants and departmental funding to support high-achieving students across a diversity of majors.

The UO scholarship application process is streamlined allowing students to apply for multiple opportunities via a common application portal. Strong academics coupled with a compelling personal essay and letters of recommendations are key to securing these competitive awards.

Both domestic and international students are encouraged to apply for UO scholarships well in advance of listed deadlines to get the full benefit of early award packages. Those named as scholarship finalists and semifinalists have an edge in the overall admissions cycle as well.

Leveraging external scholarships from organizations like the Ford Foundation and Gilman Program can further offset out-of-pocket educational expenses. Ultimately with proper planning, developing an outstanding application portfolio and applying before priority deadlines, prospective undergraduate and graduate students have an excellent opportunity to turn their academic ambitions into reality with the assistance of University of Oregon’s generous scholarship programs.


Does University of Oregon give full scholarships to international students?

Yes, University of Oregon offers several prestigious fully funded scholarships that cover the full cost of attendance including tuition, housing, meals, books, and fees for exceptional international undergraduate and graduate students. Examples include the Freshmen Honor Awards and Summit Environmental Scholarships.

Is it possible for an international student to get a full scholarship in the US?

Of course, some US universities include tuition, living expenses, health care and so on in full scholarships to outstanding foreign undergraduate or graduate students with the best academic grades and future potential.

Does Oregon offer scholarships?

The state of Oregon offers ample financial aid and scholarships to residents as well as out-of-state students attending Oregon-based colleges. Key examples are the Oregon Opportunity Grant, Oregon Student Aid Grant and the Oregon Promise Grant for helping cover tuition fees.

Does University of Washington give full ride for international students?

Yes, under the President’s Scholars Program, UW Seattle offers a 100% full ride scholarship that covers the entire cost of attendance for all four years to around 10 exceptionally gifted international freshmen annually.

How to get free tuition in Oregon?

Oregon residents pursuing their first undergraduate degree can qualify for free tuition at Oregon public universities through programs like the Oregon Promise Grant by meeting requirements related to GPA, enrollment status, financial need and credit completion.

What GPA do I need to get a scholarship at Oregon?

Typical GPA requirements for merit scholarships at University of Oregon range between 3.4-3.8 for freshmen and 3.5-4.0 for transfers. However, grades are just one eligibility factor. Outstanding achievements in areas like community service, entrepreneurship, arts can also garner funding.

Is Oregon good for international students?

Oregon is an excellent destination for international students with its progressive culture, natural beauty, emphasis on sustainability, and numerous higher education options including premier research institutions like Oregon State and University of Oregon which attract students worldwide through generous scholarships.

What are the types of scholarships offered by University of Oregon?

UO offers a wide spectrum spanning fully funded flagship honors scholarships, partial merit and need-based grants, athletics scholarships, departmental funding for specific majors, project-based student awards, opportunities for minorities, veterans etc.

How much is University of Oregon tuition per year?

In-state tuition and fees at the University of Oregon for the academic year 2023-24 will be US $ 12,804 annually, It will pay a whopping US $ 44,764. Rates are higher for graduate students. Total costs exceed $60,000 per year including housing, meals, supplies etc.

What is the easiest scholarship to get for international students?

Some most accessible and renewable academic scholarships for international students in the US include the Voyager Scholarship at University of West Florida granting in-state tuition rates, International Student Grant scheme covering 25% to 75% of tuition across Minnesota State colleges and the Golden Door Scholarship which fully funds community college education.

Which university in USA gives the most scholarship?

Princeton University and Harvard University are known for offering the most generous need-based undergraduate scholarships to international applicants admitting them. Other top options are Curtis Institute of Music, Berea College, Alice Lloyd College, College of the Ozarks and the Gatton Academy of Mathematics awarding hefty scholarships and free tuition in total.

Is it easy to get 100% scholarship in USA?

Getting a 100% full tuition scholarship as an international student to top US universities is highly competitive with acceptance rates often less than 5%. However, several universities like Berea College in Kentucky and Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia guarantee full scholarships to all admitted students. Community college transfer programs also fully cover costs later.

What is the easiest scholarship to get for international students in the US?

The most accessible full scholarships for international students are the USAID Schmidt Science Fellows Program for developing countries and the Open Study/Research Awards under the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange offering a full ride to study in Germany. For partial funding, country-specific educational exchange grants like the Fulbright are good options.

How can I get maximum scholarship in USA?

To maximize chances for USA scholarships as an international student, it is best to apply early, research extensively and target colleges that meet full need or provide large grants for your academic profile. Having an outstanding record in areas like academics, leadership, entrepreneurship and shining in national level contests related to your field of study helps too.

How much GPA is required to study in USA with scholarship?

While requirements vary by university and degree program, an indicative GPA range needed for international students to study in the US on scholarships is 3.5 to 4.0 at undergraduate level and upwards of 3.7 in master’s and PhD degrees related to STEM fields. Financial support is tougher for scores under 3.3 overall.

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