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Top 10 Best UK Scholarships For Indian Students 2024-25

Top 10 Best UK Scholarships For Indian Students 2024-25, lead by famous awards like the prestigious Chevening Scholarships which provide over $50,000 in funding and the Rhodes Scholarship’s full ride to Oxford.

Other highlighted programs like the Felix Scholarships offer merit scholarships worth $25,000 and beyond to deserving Indian applicants at highly ranked institutions, along with additional rewards like paid internships and mentoring.

Major universities also offer Indians aids like the University of Edinburgh’s 50+ scholarships covering $35,000 in tuition yearly. Overall the guide discusses over $2 million in total scholarship funding and financial aid awards designated for high-achieving postgraduate and undergraduate Indian students from 10 generous UK sources in 2024–2025.

The UK is home to over 150 world-class universities offering a high quality education combined with opportunities for work and immigration post-study. However, the high international fees can make this an impossible dream for promising Indian students without financial assistance.

UK Scholarships For Indian Students

Luckily, various government bodies and universities offer generous scholarships specially aimed at helping high-achieving Indians fund their studies in the UK. For the 2024-25 intake, Indian students can apply to prestigious scholarship programs like Chevening, Commonwealth, Rhodes and Felix that provide full or significant funding towards tuition fees and living costs.

As covered in this article on the top 10 best UK scholarships for Indian students in 2024-25, awards offered by the University of Edinburgh, University of Birmingham and others also offer Indian applicants complete fee waivers along with additional benefits. By planning well in advance and creating outstanding applications that maximize your chances against intense competition, realizing your UK education dreams is possible.

Top 10 Best UK Scholarships For Indian Students 2024-25

The UK is a popular study abroad destination for Indian students due to the high quality education system and abundant post-study work and immigration prospects. Winning a scholarship to study in the UK can make this dream more affordable while also boosting your academic and career prospects when you return to India.

This article will discuss the top 10 best UK scholarships for Indian students in 2024-25, along with the eligibility criteria and application tips to help you get fully funded scholarships in UK as an Indian student.

Benefits of Studying in the UK for Indian Students

The UK is currently home to over 90,000 Indian students, thanks to some clear advantages:

Top Factors In Awarding UK Scholarships For Indian Students

When awarding full scholarships and financial aid to international students, UK universities and funding bodies look at both academic and personal achievements.

The main factors considered are:

Indian students should highlight all these skills and experiences in their scholarship applications to show they are a worthy candidate for funding their studies in the UK.

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10 Best UK Scholarships for Indian Students 2024-25

There are a wide variety of fully funded scholarships in UK for Indian students across different universities and external funding bodies. Here are the top 10 options:

1. Chevening Scholarships

2. Rhodes Scholarships

3. Commonwealth Scholarships

4. Gates Cambridge Scholarships

5. Felix Scholarships

6. GREAT Scholarships

7. University of Edinburgh Scholarships for Indian Students

8. University of Strathclyde Scholarships

9. University of York International Scholarships

10. University of Birmingham Scholarships

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Eligibility Criteria for Indian Students

To be eligible for most UK scholarships aimed at Indian students, you typically need:

Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria before spending time applying for a scholarship. Competition is fierce for fully funded opportunities, so maximizing your chances is crucial.

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Here is a table summarizing the deadline dates for the top 10 UK scholarships for Indian students in 2024-25:

Scholarship Name2024-25 Deadline
Chevening ScholarshipsEarly November 2024
Rhodes ScholarshipsEarly October 2024
Commonwealth ScholarshipsMid November 2024
Gates Cambridge ScholarshipsEarly December 2024
Felix ScholarshipsMid January 2025
GREAT ScholarshipsLate January 2025
University of Edinburgh ScholarshipsFebruary to May 2025
University of Strathclyde ScholarshipsMarch 2025
University of York ScholarshipsMarch 2025
University of Birmingham ScholarshipsMay to June 2025

I included the approximate annual deadline dates for applying to these popular UK scholarship programs aimed at international students including Indians. Most fall between October 2024 to June 2025 for the 2025-26 academic year intake.

Do cross-check the exact deadlines on the official websites when applying as these deadline dates may vary slightly year to year.

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting a UK Scholarship

Beyond meeting the base eligibility requirements, you can further strengthen your scholarship applications through:

1. Excel in Academics

2. Get Involved in Activities and Research

3. Craft Compelling Essays and Applications

With strategic planning, perseverance and attention to detail, Indian students can maximize their prospects of winning generous UK Scholarships For Indian Students to fulfill their global ambitions.


The UK offers a world-class higher education experience combined with opportunities for work, settlement and building a global network. But the high fees can make this an impossible dream for many promising Indian students without financial aid.

Winning full or partial scholarships can make achieving your UK education dreams possible. As covered in this article, reputed institutions like Chevening, Commonwealth and GCRF along with top universities offer awards specifically for Indians every year covering all costs.


Can I get scholarship in UK for Indian students?

Yes, there are numerous scholarship options offered by the UK government, universities and private foundations specifically aimed at high-achieving Indian students to fund their postgraduate and undergraduate degrees in the UK.

What is the fully funded scholarship for UK 2024-25?

The most prestigious fully funded scholarships for study in the UK in 2024-25 include Chevening Scholarships, Commonwealth Scholarships, Rhodes Scholarships and Felix Scholarships among others covered in this article.

How to get 100% scholarship in UK?

Scholarships that offer 100% funding usually have highly competitive selection that accepts fewer than 1% of applicants. You need outstanding academic scores, extracurriculars, research experience and stellar essays/interviews to have a chance.

How much percentage is required to study in UK with scholarship?

Most scholarships need you to have a consistently high GPA – usually a minimum of 3.7/4.0 at undergraduate level and 3.5/4.0 at postgraduate level along with publications, leadership roles, internships etc.

Who is eligible for scholarship in UK?

Each scholarship has specific eligibility but most target academically outstanding Indian students with leadership skills, extracurriculars, research potential and a vision to create positive change aligned with the values of the funding organization.

Which universities in UK provide 100% scholarship?

Besides external scholarships, many UK universities like University of Strathclyde, University of York and University of Birmingham offer 100% scholarships covering full tuition fees and sometimes living costs too for deserving Indian students.

Is it easy to get a scholarship in UK?

No, UK scholarships are highly competitive with acceptance rates often less than 5% given the generous funding and prestige associated with them. You need to make sure every aspect of your profile and application stands out.

Can I stay in UK after scholarship?

If your scholarship is funded by the UK government, you may need to return to your home country for a specific period after your degree as per conditions. Scholarships by private entities and universities may not have such conditions.

What is the tuition fee in the UK in 2024-25?

For 2024-25, average annual tuition fees are £24,000-£35,000 for international students. Top universities like LSE and Imperial can be £38,000-£45,000 per year. Exact costs vary by university and course.

Can I study in London for free?

It is extremely rare for international students be able to study for free in London given the high tuition rates. Your best chance is winning a fully funded scholarship that covers tuition fees and living costs in London.

Is UK scholarship free?

Scholarships cover partial or complete costs. Competitive scholarships like Rhodes, Chevening, Commonwealth etc. cover all tuition fees, travel expenses and provide stipends for living costs. So recipients can study for free.

How many marks are required for scholarship in UK?

Most scholarships need you to have a minimum GPA around 3.7+ at undergraduate level and 3.5+ at postgraduate level along with awards, research experience and stellar essays. Exact requirements vary by scholarship.

Which university offers maximum scholarship in UK?

The University of Edinburgh, University of Birmingham, Kings College London and University College London offer the highest number of merit-based scholarships for international students including Indians.

Which is cheapest university in UK?

Some of the cheapest universities offering quality education in UK include Bangor University, Harper Adams University, Liverpool John Moores University – with average fees around £12,000-£15,000 per year.

How much balance required for UK student visa?

You will need to show at least £1,265 per month for living expenses when applying for the UK student visa. This comes to around £11,000-£12,000 per year that you need to have in your or your parents/sponsors account.

Can a middle class Indian study in UK?

Yes, with planning and preparation middle class Indians can realize their UK education dreams through a combination of savings, education loans, bank loans against property, external scholarships and part time work. Shared costs with family also helps.

Can I work in UK with a scholarship?

Government and institutional scholarships may allow a maximum limit of work per week. But focus needs to remain on academic performance, so avoid taking on too much work that affects studies.

How to apply for a scholarship in the UK?

Identify scholarships you are eligible for and review tips on their official websites. Prepare strong supporting documents highlighting both academic and personal achievements tailored to criteria before applying online.

When to apply for UK universities 2024-25?

Start around 12 months before the intake window – August to September 2024 for September 2025 intake. Early application maximizes chances for competitive courses. Confirm exact deadlines of chosen unis.

What is the cheapest university in London for international students 2024?

Some of the cheapest university options in London include University of East London, London South Bank University and Middlesex University with first year fees between £12,000 to £15,000 for international students.

Is IELTS required for UK?

Yes, all UK universities need either IELTS or equivalent tests like TOEFL to prove English proficiency with minimum scores ranging from 5.5 to 7.0 for undergraduate degrees and 6.0-7.0 for postgraduate.

Can I study in UK with 50%?

Yes, you can study in UK with just passing grades. But select an average university with minimum entry criteria around 50%. For top unis you need high grades above 75%-90% in Class 12 boards to gain admission.

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