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Benacquisto Scholarship UF 2024 – The Ultimate Guide for Potential Winners

The Benacquisto Scholarship UF 2024 offers a full tuition award worth over $200,000 to National Merit Scholars. This University of Florida scholarship covers 100% of tuition, fees, & health insurance for Florida residents & out-of-state students. Scholars gain access to an enrichment program & mentoring for academic success.

The $25,520 in-state & $114,632 out-of-state tuition scholarship is renewable for 8 semesters by maintaining enrollment & a 3.2 GPA. This UF Presidential scholarship opens doors to prestigious research opportunities to prepare future leaders & innovators.

Benacquisto Scholarship UF 2024

What is the Benacquisto Scholarship ?

The Benacquisto Scholarship UF 2024 Program at the University of Florida offers a full tuition scholarship for outstanding high school graduates who have been recognized as National Merit Scholars. This scholarship was formerly known as the UF Presidential Scholarship.

Introduction of Benacquisto Scholarship

The Benacquisto Scholarship at UF covers 100% of tuition, fees, and health insurance for up to 8 consecutive undergraduate semesters. This amazing Benacquisto Scholarship UF 2024 has Many award benefits for in-state Florida students as well as qualified out-of-state students and same eligibility criteria also.

In addition to the full cost of tuition, the scholarship provides Florida National Merit scholars with unique access to the Benacquisto Scholars Program. This Benacquisto Scholarship UF 2024 program offers special academic advises, mentoring opportunities, enrichment activities, and the chance to network with fellow high-achieving students.

Key Details About the Benacquisto Scholarship UF 2024:

Let’s analyze the eligibility criteria, application process, requirements and other vital details related to the Benacquisto scholarship at UF in 2024.

Eligibility Criteria for the Benacquisto Scholarship UF 2024

To qualify for the Benacquisto Scholarship at the University of Florida in 2024, applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

1. National Merit Finalist Status

You must have been named a National Merit Finalist by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) based on your PSAT/NMSQT test scores and application details. Finalist status is typically determined during a student’s junior year of high school.

2. Admission to UF

You must apply and be accepted for admission to UF as an entering freshman for the Fall 2024 term. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is also required.

3. Degree-Seeking Enrollment

You must enroll at UF as a degree-seeking undergraduate student to receive this scholarship. The Benacquisto Scholarship UF 2024 cannot be applied towards graduate studies.

Ineligible Categories

Unfortunately, the following categories of students are ineligible for the National Merit UF Scholarship:

So in summary, the Benacquisto Scholarship UF 2024 applicants must be upcoming high school graduates in the United States who have achieved Finalist ranking from the National Merit Selection process.

When and How to Apply for the Benacquisto Scholarship UF 2024

If you meet the eligibility criteria outlined above, here is an overview of the Benacquisto Scholarship UF 2024 application and acceptance process:

1. Apply to UF by November 1st

To be considered for the Benacquisto Scholarship at UF, you must submit your application for undergraduate admission to UF by November 1, 2023 for Fall 2024 enrollment. This is the priority deadline to be qualified for available merit scholarship consideration.

On the UF admission application, make sure to:

Late applications submitted after November 1st will still be considered but less funding may be available by then.
All others information you can read it here

2. Accept Your Scholarship Offer by May 1st

UF will review your admission application and verify your National Merit Finalist status. By March 2024, you will receive notification if you have been selected to receive the Benacquisto Scholarship UF 2024 offer.

You must formally accept your scholarship offer by the National Reply Date on May 1, 2024. This secures your scholarship funding.

3. Continue Meeting Eligibility Criteria

From your acceptance in Spring 2024 up till you enroll at UF in Fall 2024, make sure you continue meeting all scholarship eligibility criteria. For example, maintain your residency status and conduct.

So in short, apply early to UF, accept your scholarship promptly by the May deadline, and uphold your scholarship eligibility.

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Ongoing Requirements to Renew the Benacquisto Scholarship

The initial Benacquisto Scholarship at UF award is for your freshman year. To continue receiving scholarship renewal for your remaining years at UF, you must meet the following ongoing requirements:

1. Enroll Full-Time

You must be registered as a full-time student completing 12+ credit hours per semester. Typically this is around 4 courses.

2. Maintain Florida Residency

Florida residents must preserve their in-state residency status over the 4 years. Out-of-state students must retain their non-Florida residency during their undergraduate program at UF.

3. Meet Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards

A cumulative 3.2 GPA must be maintained across semesters. You must also complete at least 30 credit hours per academic year without grade forgiveness.

4. Uphold Conduct Standards

Abide by the University of Florida’s codes for ethical conduct during your enrollment. Academic dishonesty like plagiarism can cost you your scholarship.

The Benacquisto scholarship at UF has very clear standards for satisfactory academic performance which includes full-time enrollment, good grades across a progressive number of credits, and good conduct. Meeting these requirements across semesters allows you to renew this award annually.

You Can Apply for Benacquisto Scholarship UF 2024 on their

Official Website

Scholarship Funding Amount and Usage

The Benacquisto Scholarship UF 2024 is valued at over $200,000 over 4 years covering:

Full Tuition

This includes the annual cost of all your undergraduate courses and credits required to complete your bachelor’s degree. As of 2023, UF’s tuition and fees cost $6,380 annually for in-state students and $28,658 for out-of-state students.

So Florida residents receive $25,520 worth of tuition funding and non-residents get $114,632 of tuition money over 4 years.


In addition to full tuition costs, the scholarship pays your yearly fees which are around $2,300 on average. This can include expenses like learning resources, equipment usage charges in labs, transportation services and more.

Standard Health Insurance

UF requires all students to have basic health insurance coverage. The Benacquisto Scholarship covers the annual cost of UF’s standard student health insurance which is close to $3,000.

Total Scholarship Value

By covering 100% tuition, fees and insurance – the total 4 year scholarship amount exceeds $200,000. This makes it one of Florida’s most generous and coveted merit-based scholarships for high academic performers.

However, one cost not covered by this award is housing and meal plans. You would need to finance room and board yourself or via additional grants.

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How the Benacquisto Scholarship Compares to Other UF Awards

The Benacquisto Scholarship UF 2024 is top merit scholarship, but how does it compare to other academic scholarships offered by the university?

UF Excellence and Achievement Scholarships

These are half tuition scholarships awarded to a larger number of academically talented freshmen based on their high school GPA and test scores.

The key differences are:

So in terms of prestige and funding amount, the Benacquisto Scholarship UF 2024 far exceeds UF’s half tuition academic scholarships.

Bright Futures Scholarship

Florida’s Bright Futures scholarship helps high-performing in-state students pay partial or full tuition depending on the award level earned: Medallion (50%) or Academic Scholars (100%).

However, the Benacquisto Scholarship UF 2024 offers superior coverage even versus Bright Futures Academic Scholars:

Therefore, the Benacquisto Scholarship UF 2024 delivers more comprehensive and guaranteed funding not influenced by state budget cuts.

Comparison to Bright Futures

The Benacquisto and Bright Futures are two of the biggest merit-based scholarships at UF. Here is an overview comparing the two:

BenacquistoBright Futures
Amount100% tuition and feesPartial tuition
EligibilityNational Merit ScholarsFlorida residents, test scores
Renewal3.0 UG/3.25 grad GPANone

As you can see, the Benacquisto Scholarship UF 2024 covers more and has a higher GPA requirement to renew each year. The Bright Futures Scholarship is awarded to more students but covers less than half of tuition on average.

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Statistics and Notable Alumni

Over the past five years, *95% of Benacquisto Scholars have graduated from the University of Florida. The average starting salary upon graduation is *$58,500, demonstrating the vast career opportunities gained from the scholarship.

Some notable Benacquisto alumni include:

Unique Benefits for Out-of-State Students

One of the most appealing aspects of the Benacquisto Scholarship at UF is that out-of-state students receive the same level of funding and benefits as Florida residents.

In fact, the Benacquisto Scholarship UF 2024 offers exceptional value for deserving out-of-state students compared to other options they may be exploring.

Waived Out-of-State Tuition

By qualifying for the Benacquisto scholarship, out-of-state students are automatically exempt from paying the $17,000+ annual non-resident tuition fees at UF.

Instead, they pay the in-state tuition of $6,380 – saving over $200,000 over 4 years! This makes attending UF extremely affordable.

Equal Scholarship Terms as Florida Residents

From scholarship duration, housing stipends, enrichment programs and mentoring access – out-of-state Benacquisto scholars enjoy the same full range of benefits as Florida residents.

Access to Florida Prepaid Plans

Moreover, non-resident students receiving the Benacquisto Scholarship UF 2024 can also use existing Florida Prepaid College savings plans to further fund their living expenses at UF.

This unique advantage makes the scholarship particularly useful for out-of-state students. The in-state tuition waiver plus scholarship funds paying full tuition allows them to tap into Florida savings plans as needed for room/board.

In essence, high-achieving students should strongly consider applying for Benacquisto Scholarship UF 2024 essentially puts out-of-state students on par with Florida residents.


Here is a table summarizing important Benacquisto Scholarship UF 2024 deadlines and details at the University of Florida for 2024:

Scholarship NameDeadlineDetails
Benacquisto Scholarship at UFNovember 1, 2023Priority admission and scholarship application deadline for Fall 2024 term
Notification of Scholarship OfferMarch 2024Finalists notified if awarded scholarship
Acceptance DeadlineMay 1, 2024Deadline for students to accept their Benacquisto Scholarship offer
Scholarship RenewalYearlyMust meet GPA, enrollment and other renewal criteria to continue receiving scholarship

The key deadlines are applying to UF by November 1, 2023 to be considered for the Benacquisto Scholarship UF 2024, then accepting the offer by May 1, 2024 if selected. Renewal eligibility is assessed yearly to continue receiving the scholarship over 4 years.

Application Tips to Qualify for the Benacquisto Scholarship UF 2024

Based on all the eligibility particulars and competitive nature of the Benacquisto Scholarship UF 2024, what tips can help you qualify?

1. Take PSAT Early to Become National Merit Semifinalist

Focus on taking the PSAT/NMSQT in early high school by 10th or 11th grade to qualify as a National Merit Semifinalist first. This will give you advanced time to confirm your Finalist standing later.

2. Apply Early to UF During Fall Semester

Apply to UF during early action in October-November 2023 to meet the priority consideration deadline for scholarships. This boosts your chances vs late applications.

3. Prepare a Strong Application

Having outstanding grades, test scores and extracurriculars gives you an edge for UF admission and scholarship decisions. Showcase your academic excellence across the application.

Meeting both National Merit Finalist and UF admission milestones on schedule is pivotal. Applying early action with a competitive application further secures your candidacy for the prestigious Benacquisto Scholarship.

Finding Other UF Scholarships

In addition to the Benacquisto Scholarship UF 2024, University of Florida offers various other merit scholarships that incoming freshmen should consider applying for, such as:


The Benacquisto Scholarship UF 2024 is a best opportunity for all undergraduate and National Merit Scholars to fund completely the cost of their education.

The Benacquisto Scholarship at the University of Florida is an extremely prestigious and generous award for National Merit Finalists. Those named National Merit Scholars who plan to attend UF in 2024 should absolutely apply.

Key takeaways:

Students from Florida and those who are from out of state both can take a part and qualify for this Benacquisto Scholarship Program and It covers all expense of their tuition, fees, and even health insurance and It provides funding of $200,000.

From meeting initial eligibility criteria to upholding renewal standards, prospective students need to be familiar with all program requirements. Applying on schedule in Fall 2023 and showcasing academic strengths better positions applicants.

In closing, the Benacquisto Scholarship features generous awards on par for in-state and out-of-state honorees, exclusive access to the scholars program, and the Prestige of being a UF Presidential Scholar. High school students recognized by National Merit should absolutely apply to open doors to an affordable all-expenses paid education at a top public university.


What is the Benacquisto scholarship?

The Benacquisto Scholarship (formerly the UF Presidential Scholarship) is a full tuition scholarship awarded by the University of Florida to National Merit Scholars who enroll at UF.

How to get Benacquisto scholarship 2024?

To get the Benacquisto Scholarship in 2024, you must be named a National Merit Finalist, apply to UF by November 1, 2023, and accept your scholarship offer by May 1, 2024.

How to apply Benacquisto scholarship 2024?

To apply for the 2024 Benacquisto Scholarship, you need to apply to UF by the November 1, 2023 early action deadline and indicate your National Merit Finalist status on your application.

How much money is the Benacquisto scholarship?

The Benacquisto Scholarship covers 100% of tuition, fees, and health insurance for up to 8 semesters at UF. Over 4 years, it provides over $200,000 in scholarship funding.

What is the Benacquisto Scholarship Program in Florida?

The Benacquisto Scholarship Program (formerly called the Florida National Merit Scholar Incentive Program) is a state-funded scholarship that provides a full tuition scholarship to Florida public universities for National Merit Scholars who enroll in Florida.

What score is needed for National Merit Semifinalist?

The specific PSAT/NMSQT score needed for National Merit Semifinalist status varies by year and state, but is generally over 1300 combined Evidence-Based Reading and Writing + Math. About 16,000 students qualify as semifinalists.

How do you qualify for the presidential scholarship at UF?

To qualify for the top Benacquisto Presidential Scholarship at the University of Florida, you must be a high school senior selected as a National Merit Finalist. You’ll need to have a competitive UF application highlighting your academic achievements.

How much is the National Merit Scholarship at UCF?

UCF’s National Merit Scholarship is valued at $26,500 per year in addition to other UCF scholarships awarded based on GPA/test scores, totaling over $100k for exceptional students over four years.

What is the Benacquisto scholarship for University of Miami?

The University of Miami does not offer the Benacquisto Scholarship. As a private university, UM issues other merit scholarships based on academic criteria like test scores and grades. Some top scholarships offer full tuition plus stipends.

How do I get a full ride scholarship at FAMU?

FAMU’s top scholarships like the Academic Scholars Award, FAMU Presidential Scholarship, plus National Achievement/Merit funds can combine to fully cover tuition and fees. Having high test scores and GPA boosts chances for a full ride.

How much is the Sunshine State scholarship?

The Florida Bright Futures Sunshine State Scholarship is valued at 100% of tuition and applicable fees at an eligible public postsecondary institution after other gift aid applied first. In 2022-23, the maximum award is $113 per credit hour.

What GPA do you need for FAMU?

The middle 50% GPA for incoming FAMU freshmen is 3.3 and higher. Competitive applicants have a 3.7+ high school GPA. Some prestigious full scholarships at FAMU require a 3.5 GPA or higher plus strong test scores.

What GPA do you need to get into University of Miami?

The average admitted University of Miami freshman has a 4.2 – 4.5 high school GPA. UM’s middle 50% accepted GPA range is 3.9 to 4.6 indicating a very competitive applicant pool.

Does University of Miami give full ride?

Yes, UM issues prestigious full tuition, room, board, laptop and textbook scholarships like the Foote Fellows to exceptional applicants based on GPA, test scores, essays, recommendations and interviews. These can be extremely selective.

Is the University of Miami expensive?

Yes, the total 2021-2022 cost of attendance at UM was $77,622 including tuition, fees, and living expenses making it one of the most expensive private universities. High achieving and low-income students can offset costs with merit and need-based financial assistance.

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