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Taibah University Scholarship For International Students 2024-2025

Taibah University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia aims to support outstanding international students through these generous scholarships each year. Applicants for bachelor’s and master’s degrees can apply for these scholarships before their 2024 intakes through the Taibah University online portal.

The Taibah University Scholarship for International Students 2024-2025 offers full or partial financial aid covering tuition fees and living expenses. Awards include the $50,000 Taibah Global Leaders Scholarship, $25,000 Research Excellence award, $5,000 Merit Scholarship, and the Full Ride Scholarship covering 100% tuition, accommodation and stipend.

This article is comprehensive guide on Taibah University Scholarship for International Students 2024-25 including application process, documents required, eligibility criteria, selection process and benefits offered ranging from tuition fee waivers, monthly stipends of $500-800 for living expenses, free visa and health insurance, discounted accommodation and academic excellence awards up to $50,000.

Taibah University Scholarship For International Students 2024

Taibah University Scholarship for International Students 2024-2025


Taibah University is located in city of Madinah western side of Saudi Arabia. It offers a variety of fully funded as well as partial competitive scholarships every year for international graduate and undergraduate students.

For the academic year of 2024-2025, Taibah University is offering Many full or partial scholarships that not only covers the tuition fees but also provide monthly stipends, visa, accommodation, medical insurance and Many other benefits.

These Taibah University Scholarship for International Students aim to support those students who want to study at the bachelor’s or master’s level. With strong financial aid and academic support, the scholarships enable students from across the world to access the university’s high-quality programs in various fields.

This article provides a comprehensive guide to the Taibah University scholarship for International Students for the intake of 2024-2025, including detailed eligibility criteria, application process, required documents and more.

Eligibility for Taibah University Scholarships 2024

International students interested in applying for the Taibah University Scholarship for International Students 2024-2025 Program need to meet certain eligibility criteria in order to qualify, related to academics, nationality and language skills.

Academic Requirements

Nationality and Residency Requirements

Language Proficiency

Types of Taibah University Scholarship for International Students 2024-2025

Taibah University offers various scholarship schemes for international students, tailored to support both undergraduate and graduate applicants. The major types of scholarships available for 2024-2025 are:

Full Tuition Scholarships

Partial Tuition Scholarships

Stipends for Living Expenses

Additional Allowances

There are minor differences in scholarship offerings and eligibility for undergraduate vs. graduate programs. However, students from both levels can apply and win generous financial assistance.

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How to Apply for the Taibah University Scholarships

Students interested in the Taibah University Scholarship for International Students 2024-2025 will need to submit a complete application before the deadline. Here is an overview of the application process:

Application Timeline

Application Procedure


Application Fees

Taibah University Scholarship Requirements

Students applying for the Taibah University international scholarships need to submit additional supporting documents along with scholarship application form before the deadline. Key requirements are:

Academic Documents

Other Documents

Application Guidelines

Selection Criteria of Taibah University Scholarship For International Students

Taibah University evaluates all scholarship applications based on the following key criteria before awarding the scholarships to deserving students:


Test Scores

Extracurricular Activities

Financial Need

Interview Performance

You can check Taibah University Scholarship For International Students Acceptance Conditions


Here is a table listing some of the key scholarship deadlines at Taibah University for International Students for 2024 admissions:

Scholarship NameDeadline
Taibah University Excellence Scholarship30 November 2023
Taibah Global Leaders Scholarship31 December 2023
Taibah Merit Scholarship for International Students28 February 2024
Taibah Scholarship for New International Undergraduates31 March 2024
Taibah MBA Scholarship for International Students15 May 2024
Taibah Accommodation ScholarshipRollling basis
Taibah Sports ScholarshipRolling basis

This covers some of the major scholarship schemes at Taibah University with their tentative deadlines for international students starting in the 2024 intake. Please note that the dates are subject to change so checking the official university website is advised.

You Can Apply for Taibah University Scholarship For International Students 2024 on their

Official Website

Other Scholarships Link

Benefits of the Taibah University Scholarships

Students who are selected for the Taibah University Scholarship International Students 2024-2025 stand to gain multiple benefits:

Financial Support

Living Expenses Sponsorship

Academic Provisions

Taibah University scholarships aim to cover all major student expenses for the program duration. Scholars also get mentoring support and global networking opportunities from faculty and leadership.

By providing such generous aid the university aims to enable more foreign talent to study at its world-class campus.

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The Taibah University Scholarship for International Students 2024-2025 offer eligible overseas students the chance to study in Saudi Arabia fully sponsored or with partial financial assistance. The scholarships cover tuition fees, accommodation, living costs along with academic support and mentoring.

Students who meet the eligibility criteria related to nationality, academics and language ability can apply before the December 2023 deadline. The application requires supporting documents like transcripts, test scores, letters and statements. Selection is competitive, based on performance in academics, extracurriculars, tests and interviews.

The scholarship aims to enable talented international students to access Taibah University’s high-quality programs by covering their major expenses. With its outstanding offerings, global exposure and career development opportunities, Taibah University continues to welcome overseas scholars to its prestigious Arabian campus through generous aid.


How to apply to Taibah University?

To apply to Taibah University, visit their admissions page and create an account. Select your desired program, fill out the application form online, upload necessary documents like transcripts and test scores before the application deadline.

How to apply for Taibah University scholarship?

When you are filling out the online application for your program, there is a separate section for scholarship application. Fill out those details too and upload any financial documents required. You can also email admission office attaching scholarship application form.

Is Taibah University good?

Yes, Taibah University is a top ranking university of Saudi Arabia known for its high quality programs in both Arabic and English, advanced research facilities and distinguished faculty. It has strong industry partnerships as well for student career development.

How much is MBBS in Taibah University?

The fees for MBBS program at Taibah University is approximately 160,000 SAR per year. High-achieving students can apply for the university’s scholarships which cover partial or complete tuition fees.

What percentage do you need for Taibah University?

For undergraduate programs, you typically need minimum 90% in high school exams. For masters, a minimum 3 out of 4 GPA is required in bachelor’s degree. Minimum test scores also apply.

Is Taibah University public or private? 

Taibah University is a public university fully funded by the Ministry of Education of Saudi Arabia.

Does Taibah University have Islamic studies? 

Yes, Taibah University’s College of Islamic Law offers bachelor’s programs in Islamic Law & Islamic Studies with Shariah specialization. Graduate programs are also available.

How much is the journal of Taibah University for Science? 

The Journal of Taibah University for Science is an open access, peer-reviewed journal, so the online articles are free to access and download for readers. Publication fees apply for authors.

Who is the publisher of the Journal of Taibah University for Science? 

The Journal of Taibah University for Science is published by Taibah University in partnership with Elsevier, the global scholarly publishing company.

Does Saudi Arabia give scholarships for international students?

Yes, many top universities in Saudi Arabia like Taibah University offer generous scholarships for high-achieving international students that cover tuition fees, monthly stipends, accommodation and other benefits.

Which scholarship is fully funded in Saudi Arabia 2024? 

Some fully funded scholarships in Saudi Arabia are the government schemes like King Abdullah Scholarships, Crown Prince Scholarship Program (CPSP), and institutional scholarships by universities like Taibah, King Faisal, King Saud University among others.

Who is eligible for scholarship in Saudi Arabia? 

Outstanding students belonging to over 100 eligible countries can apply for scholarships in Saudi Arabia. Strong academic record, test scores, extracurricular profile and financial need determine selection.

How can I get scholarship in KSA? 

International students can apply to merit-based institutional scholarships offered by leading Saudi universities as well as country-level schemes like King Abdullah program open to certain nationalities.

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