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SISGP Swedish Institute Scholarships 2024-2025 Fully Funded – Study in Sweden

The SISGP Swedish Institute Scholarships 2024-2025 Fully Funded offer citizens of 41 developing countries an incredible opportunity to pursue fully funded masters programs at Swedish universities. Recipients of this prestigious $30,000 per year scholarship receive full tuition coverage, monthly stipends of $1,200 for living expenses, health insurance, and travel grants.

Over 700 English-taught degree programs across fields like sustainable development, public health, IT and engineering are eligible for funding through the Swedish Institute’s Global Professionals Scholarship. By covering all academic and living costs, the scholarship allows students to focus fully on using their graduate studies and research to make an impact back in their home countries.

The application process opens in November 2023, with a February 2024 deadline for submission. Applicants are assessed based on academic achievement, relevant work experience of over 3,000 hours, and demonstrated leadership skills. Successful recipients commence their fully funded masters program and life in vibrant Swedish university cities starting autumn 2024.

SISGP Swedish Institute Scholarships

SISGP Swedish Institute Scholarships 2024-2025 Fully Funded


The Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals (SISGP) is an excellent opportunity for students from 41 developing countries to pursue a fully funded master’s degree at a Swedish university starting in Autumn 2024. Through this prestigious scholarship program, the Swedish Institute aims to contribute to sustainable global development and nurture a network of future leaders.

The SISGP Swedish Institute Scholarships covers all tuition fees, living expenses, health insurance, and travel costs – making it a completely free ride to study your dream masters program in Sweden. Scholarship recipients also gain access to the Swedish Institute’s professional network, helping kickstart careers that drive positive change.

In 2024, over 700 English-taught masters programs across Swedish universities are eligible for the SISGP Swedish Institute Scholarships, spanning diverse fields from public health and engineering to political science and sustainable architecture. Applicants are selected based not only on academic merit but also relevant work experience and demonstrated leadership capabilities.

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In this comprehensive guide, we cover all key details regarding eligibility criteria, application timelines, selection process, and life as a masters student in Sweden with full SISGP Swedish Institute Scholarships funding. Whether you’re looking to study technology and innovation, human rights issues, climate change mitigation or anything in between – the SISGP Swedish Institute Scholarships 2024-2025 presents an unparalleled opportunity to gain crucial skills while immersing yourself in Sweden’s rich culture. Read on to find out if you’re eligible and how to submit a competitive application!

SISGP Swedish Institute Scholarships 2024-2025 Fully Funded

Who is Eligible to Apply?

The SISGP Swedish Institute Scholarships is open to citizens from 41 developing countries across Africa, South America, and Asia. To apply for the SISGP Swedish Institute Scholarships 2024-2025, you must:

Full List of Eligible Countries For SISGP Swedish Institute Scholarships

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Belarus, Brazil, Cambodia, Cameroon, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gambia, Georgia, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Moldova, Morocco, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Rwanda, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, Ukraine, Vietnam, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Important Notes on Eligibility:

Meeting the eligibility criteria is crucial before applying to maximize your chances of success. Reach out to any contacts in your home country who have pursued the SISGP Swedish Institute Scholarships previously to understand the process.

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Over 700 Fully Funded Masters Degree Programs Available

A key benefit of the Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals (SISGP) is the sheer variety of programs eligible for full funding support.

For the 2024-2025 intake, over 700 English-language masters programs across Swedish universities are available across diverse study areas like:

You can check the full list of eligible programs here. Programs are available across prestigious institutions like Lund University, Stockholm University, Gothenburg University and more.

When selecting your programs, it is crucial to articulate in your SISGP Swedish Institute Scholarships application how your intended masters program aligns with Sweden’s development priorities and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Programs closely aligned to these priorities often receive preference during selection.

Sweden offers world-class education across technology, innovation, sustainability and human rights. An SISGP Swedish Institute Scholarships funded masters degree equips you with the skills and global exposure to drive change in your home country and region when you return after graduation.

Full Scholarship Covers Tuition Fees, Living Costs & More

The Swedish Institute Scholarship for Global Professionals (SISGP) provides comprehensive funding coverage for your entire masters program, including:

Full Tuition Fee Coverage

Monthly Stipend for Living Expenses

Health and Accident Insurance

Travel Grant

In total, the funding support equates to over 300,000 SEK or $30,000 per year – enabling you to fully immerse in your academics and Swedish student life without any financial constraints.

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Application Timeline and Key Dates

The Swedish Institute Scholarship application process spans an 8 month timeline tied to the university admission deadlines. Here are the key dates to note:

As evidenced above, the process requires significant preparation through Fall 2023. Early research and decision-making regarding your target universities and masters programs is crucial.

Eligibility Criteria – Work Experience & Leadership Skills

In addition to academic merit, the SISGP Swedish Institute Scholarships places emphasis on proven skills beyond the classroom when selecting candidates.

Work Experience Requirements:

Demonstrated Leadership Abilities:

Candidates able to articulate how their work and leadership experiences will drive social impact through their intended masters program are likely to have an edge.

You can Apply for SISGP Swedish Institute Scholarships 2024-2025 Fully Funded on their

Official Website


Here is a table summarizing the key deadline dates and scholarship names related to the SISGP Swedish Institute Scholarships 2024-2025 program:

SISGP 2024-2025 Application OpensNovember 2023This is when the application portal opens for submitting the Swedish Institute Scholarship for Global Professionals for masters programs beginning Autumn 2024
Masters Programs Application Deadline15 January 2024Deadline for applying to eligible masters programs in Sweden through University Admissions for studies beginning in Autumn 2024
SISGP 2024-2025 Application Deadline28 February 2024Last date for submitting complete SISGP Swedish Institute Scholarships applications for 2024-2025 intake
University Admissions Decisions21 March 2024Date when admission decisions are announced for masters programs applied via University Admissions
Final SISGP 2024-2025 Decisions25 April 2024Date when final list of successful SISGP Swedish Institute Scholarships scholarship recipients will be announced
Start of Masters Program with SISGP fundingAugust/September 2024Official start date of the 2024-2025 academic year and funded masters program in Sweden for scholarship recipients

The key names associated are the “Swedish Institute Scholarship for Global Professionals (SISGP)” applicable for masters studies beginning in Autumn 2024, and “SISGP Swedish Institute Scholarships 2024-2025” signifying the application cycle.

How to Submit a Successful SISGP Application

Once you have selected an eligible Swedish university and masters program aligned to development goals, follow these tips for your SISGP Swedish Institute Scholarships application:

It takes significant planning, effort and attention to detail to submit a competitive SISGP application. But the reward is a fully funded pathway to a transformative Swedish masters degree, invaluable experiences, and a strong professional network.

Life in Sweden as a SISGP Scholar

As an SISGP scholar you gain the incredible opportunity to fully immerse in world-class Swedish academia and student life, while developing global perspectives and friendships.

You have unparalleled access to cutting-edge research, innovative pedagogical techniques delivered by leading academics and industry practitioners across your field.

Outside the classroom, you become part of Sweden’s warm, welcoming and multi-cultural society across dynamic university cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo. The Swedish Institute also connects you with mentors and its alumni network to enhance professional development.


The SISGP 2024-2025 Swedish Institute Scholarship presents a truly life-changing opportunity for creating meaningful impact at scale, driven by the world-class knowledge and skills gained during your fully funded masters program in Sweden.

We encourage all eligible candidates to review the detailed application instructions, carefully select your target universities/programs, and craft a compelling application that brings to life your ambitions aligned with sustainable development.


How much is the Sisgp scholarship?

The Sisgp scholarship covers full tuition fees, living expenses of 10,000 SEK per month, travel costs, insurance, and other program fees.

How do you win the SI scholarship?

To win the SI scholarship, you need to have an excellent academic background, relevant work experience, good IELTS/TOEFL scores, and a strong motivation to study in Sweden. The acceptance rate is around 10%.

What is the acceptance rate for the Swedish Institute scholarship?

The acceptance rate for the Swedish Institute scholarship is around 10%. It is a highly competitive scholarship.

What is the SI scholarship for 2024 2025?

The SI scholarship details and application for 2024-2025 are not announced yet. It will open in August/September 2023 for the next intake.

What is the fully funded scholarship in Sweden 2024 2025?

The SI scholarship is one of the best fully funded scholarships for international students in Sweden along with some university-specific scholarships.

How do you win the SI scholarship?

To win the scholarship, have an outstanding profile with academic excellence, relevant experience, extracurriculars and a strong motivation to study and settle in Sweden.

What countries are eligible for the SI scholarship?

Citizens from all countries can apply for the SI scholarship program for masters in Sweden.

Does SI scholarship require ielts?

Yes, all applicants need a minimum IELTS/TOEFL score required by the university program to be eligible for SI scholarship.

Is SI scholarship open?

The application for SI Scholarship 2024-2025 will open in August/September 2023.

What is Sisgp scholarship?

Sisgp stands for Swedish Institute Study Scholarships for Global Professionals. It offers various master’s scholarships.

What does SI scholarship covers?

The SI scholarship covers full tuition fees, monthly stipend of 10,000 SEK, travel costs, insurance plus other study expenses.

How can I get full scholarship in Sweden?

To get fully funded masters in Sweden, the SI scholarship is the best bet along with excellence based university scholarships.

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