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Scholarships in Colorado 2024-2025 | Fully Funded

Colorado offers a variety of higher education options in many nationally ranked universities and colleges located in the state. However, rising tuition costs can make affording degrees prohibitive for students from many backgrounds without financial assistance. To expand access to top Colorado schools, numerous organizations offer Scholarships in Colorado 2024-2025 across a diverse range of qualifications.

Scholarships in Colorado 2024-2025 make earning coveted degrees from prestigious universities like CU Boulder accessible for high-achieving students facing financial limitations. The University of Colorado Boulder offers numerous merit scholarship rewards starting at $5,000 for in-state students and ranging up to the school’s most prestigious Norlin and Distinguished Scholarships carrying full-ride awards worth over $200,000 over four years.

The most generous full scholarships available for students attending Colorado colleges and universities next academic year. Both in-state and out-of-state students can take a part in this Opportunity for pursuing undergraduate or graduate level credentials. These Scholarships in Colorado 2024-2025 cover expenses including tuition, fees, room and board – enabling debt-free degrees. Eligibility criteria varies widely based on academics, sports talent, financial need, specific majors, geographic factors and demographics.

Scholarships in Colorado 2024-2025

In addition to highlighting top Colorado scholarships for 2024-2025, the article provided tips for crafting winning applications and listings of key national and local scholarship databases to find additional matches for your background and interests. With preparation and casting a wide net, Colorado students can secure funding allowing full focus on education – not finances – when pursuing their degrees.

Boulder also provides scholarships for transfer students, out-of-state applicants, STEM majors, athletes, and underrepresented groups. Awards fund academic experiences including research, studying abroad, internships and more. Incoming freshmen apply for scholarships when submitting admissions applications to maximize eligibility for CU Boulder’s $18 million annual undergraduate scholarship funding pool aimed at attracting top diverse talent.

Best Fully Funded Scholarships in Colorado 2024-2025


Colorado has a population of some of America’s best universities and academic programs that attract students from all over the nation and even the world. Colorado is the home of country’s high ranked universities and academic programs that attracts international students from around the world.

But increased tuition fees can make getting a degree unaffordable without aid. Scholarships have a key role in eliminating the financial obstacles toward obtaining quality higher education opportunities in Colorado.

However, this blog post will explain that there are 20 of the best full scholarships that students can apply for in Colorado during the upcoming academic year 2024-25. From all categories, this list contains scholarship opportunities for both in-state and out-of-state students at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

We have organized this guide such that you will find everything about next year’s scholarship funding to school in Colorado. In addition to the top opportunities, we provide eligibility criteria, deadlines as well as tips on how to write a winning application and sites with more scholarships for students in Colorado.

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Why Scholarships Matter

Scholarships serve multiple purposes beyond helping students afford college or advanced degrees. Here are some top reasons why scholarships can be strategic “must apply” opportunities vs. simply desirable perks:

Where to Find Colorado Scholarships

Scholarships Helps to Reduce the Rising Cost of Tuition

Scholarships Reward Academic Achievement

Scholarships Promote Diversity & Inclusion

Types of Scholarships in Colorado

Students have diverse financial situations and academic plans which scholarships accommodate through granting awards based on an array of eligibility factors. Major scholarship categories include:

Merit-Based Scholarships

Merit-Based scholarships giving rewards to the students for their outstanding academic achievement, talents, leadership potential and promise.

Criteria can include:

Need-Based Scholarships

Need-based scholarships assist students with covering college costs based on family financial circumstances and low incomes levels.

Key criteria reviewed includes:

Sports Scholarships

Athletic scholarships support student athletes playing school-sponsored varsity sports. Coaches and scouts assess:

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Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

Students need to evaluate if they meet the core applicant criteria before wasting time applying for scholarships. Key eligibility factors include:

GPA Requirements

Most merit-based scholarships require students to demonstrate academic excellence through their cumulative high school or college GPA. Common GPA cutoffs include:

Some set higher GPA bars requiring applicants to be top of their class and have very competitive grades.

Financial Need Criteria

Need-based scholarships weigh family financial circumstances, with applicants reporting:

Lower household incomes and ability to contribute get prioritized.

School Grade Level Requirements

While some scholarships are open to students at any grade level, others target funding based on specific school years such as:

Residency Requirements

Most Colorado scholarships favor in-state residents who lived in the state for years before college. But some welcome out-of-state students or restrict funding just for Colorado residents.

Demographic Requirements

Scholarships striving for diversity and inclusion promote access for minority groups based on attributes like:

Application Deadlines

Miss scholarship application deadlines and you miss out on funding. Know due dates which cluster around:

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Breakdown of 20 Best Full Scholarships in Colorado 2024-2025

Many more great scholarships, which pay for all of the tuition and other expenses, are available in Colorado through which students can graduate debt-free. Below are 20 of the most valuable opportunities to apply for:

Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Scholarship

Sponsor: Daniels Fund 
Amount: Covers full tuition, fees, books, supplies, and $5,000 technology stipend 
Eligibility: 3.0+ GPA, ethics-related major, attend University of Colorado Boulder or Denver
Requirements: 1,000 word essay on personal accountability

Deadline: March 15, 2024

Learn More & Apply

Boettcher Foundation Scholarship

Sponsor: Boettcher Foundation Amount: Full tuition & fees, $2,800 cost of attendance stipend
Eligibility: Top 5% of class; 1400+ SAT / 30+ ACT scores

Requirements: Highly competitive; awards just 40 students per year

Deadline: November 5, 2023

Learn More & Apply

Daniels Opportunity Scholarship

Sponsor: Daniels Fund Amount: Covers undergraduate full tuition, fees, books, room and board Eligibility: 2.0+ GPA; Financial need; attend school in CO, NM, UT, WY

Requirements: Multiple essays; FAFSA completion; interviews

Deadline: April 15, 2024

Learn More & Apply

Colorado Trust Scholarship Sponsor: 

Colorado Trust Amount: Covers full undergraduate tuition and fees
Eligibility: 3.8+ GPA, top 5% graduating class; community involvement; attend Colorado university Deadline: December 1, 2023 


Denver Scholarship Foundation Scholarship Sponsor: 

Denver Scholarship Foundation Amount: Full tuition & fees (worth $150,000 over 4 years); mentorship; internships
Eligibility: Denver public school students; demonstrate financial need Deadline: April 1, 2024


CO State Foster & Adoptive Child Scholarship Sponsor: 

CO Department of Education
Amount: Tuition assistance worth $5,000 per year; renewable
Eligibility: Adopted foster children; attend eligible Colorado post-secondary schools Deadline: May 31, 2024 


Jay Berwanger Memorial Scholarship Sponsor: 

University of Colorado Boulder
Amount: Full cost of attendance for disposable champion
Eligibility: CU Boulder freshman student-athletes in football program
Deadline: Varies
Learn More

First Descents Scholarship Sponsor: 

First Descents
Amount: Covers 100% outdoor cancer retreat programs
Eligibility: Between ages 18-39; active cancer diagnosis & treatments
Deadline: Year-round applications

Apply Now

Aspiring Fashion Professional Scholarship Sponsor:

Fashion Schools Amount: $1,000 scholarship award
Eligibility: Awarded to students pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees in fashion
Deadline: June 30, 2024 


Parker F. Dunn Legacy Scholarship

Sponsor: Rocky Mountain PARASAIL
Amount: $2,000 merit scholarship
Eligibility: Graduate Colorado high school; military affiliation family member
Deadline: May 12, 2024

Pinnacol Foundation Scholarship Sponsor:

Pinnacol Foundation
Amount: $3,000 awards; 25 total scholarships
Eligibility: Children of injured Colorado workers
Deadline: May 26, 2024


Mile High Scholarship Sponsor:

Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association
Amount: $4,000 total over 4 years
Eligibility: Business or real estate major; Colorado resident
Deadline: April 1, 2024


P.E.O. Program for Continuing Education Grant Sponsor:

Philanthropic Educational Organization
Amount: Need-based grants up to $3,000
Eligibility: Colorado women seeking education; nominated by P.E.O. chapter member Deadline: Varies by local chapter

Learn More

Housing & Building Association of Colorado Scholarship Sponsor:

HBA of Colorado 
Amount: $2,000 merit scholarship
Eligibility: Pursuing a career in home building industry; attend Colorado school Deadline: April 1, 2024


Pride Foundation Scholarship Sponsor:

Pride Foundation Amount: Multiple scholarships between $3,000 to $10,000 Eligibility: Pursuing higher education; identify as LGBTQ+
Deadline: January 11, 2024


Denver High School Zonta Scholarship Sponsor:

Zonta Club of Denver
Amount: $2,500 one-time award
Eligibility: Female Denver high school seniors pursuing business majors
Deadline: April 1, 2024

Learn More

Live Your Dream Award Sponsor:

Soroptimist Club
Amount: $5,000 award
Eligibility: Primary support of family; financially disadvantaged women
Deadline: November 15, 2023


Footprints to Freedom Scholarship Sponsor:

Denver Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority
Amount: $1,000
Eligibility: Graduating high school senior girl of African descent
Deadline: April 9, 2024



Here is a table summarizing the scholarship names, deadlines, and other key details for the 20 scholarships highlighted in the blog post:

Scholarship NameDeadlineAmountEligibility
Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative ScholarshipMarch 15, 2024Full tuition, fees, books, supplies + $5,000 tech stipend3.0+ GPA, ethics-related major, attend CU Boulder or Denver
Boettcher Foundation ScholarshipNovember 5, 2023Full tuition & fees, $2,800 cost stipendTop 5% class; 1400+ SAT/30+ ACT
Daniels Opportunity ScholarshipApril 15, 2024Full tuition, fees, room & board2.0+ GPA; financial need; CO, NM, UT, WY schools
Colorado Trust ScholarshipDecember 1, 2023Full undergraduate tuition & fees3.8+ GPA, top 5% class; community involvement; Colorado school
Denver Scholarship FoundationApril 1, 2024Full tuition & fees (4 years); mentoring; internshipsDenver public schools; financial need
CO Foster & Adoptive Child ScholarshipMay 31, 2024$5,000 per yearAdopted foster child; CO school
Jay Berwanger Memorial ScholarshipVariesFull cost of attendanceCU Boulder freshman football recruit
First Descents ScholarshipYear-round100% outdoor adventure cancer retreatsAge 18-39; active cancer diagnosis
Aspiring Fashion Professional ScholarshipJune 30, 2024$1,000Pursuing undergrad/grad fashion degree
Parker F. Dunn Legacy ScholarshipMay 12, 2024$2,000CO graduate; military family
Pinnacol Foundation ScholarshipMay 26, 2024$3,000; 25 awardsChildren of injured CO workers
Mile High ScholarshipApril 1, 2024$4,000 over 4 yearsBusiness/real estate major; CO resident
P.E.O. Continuing Education GrantVariesUp to $3,000CO women; nominated by P.E.O. member
HBA of CO ScholarshipApril 1, 2024$2,000Pursuing home building career; CO school
Pride Foundation ScholarshipJanuary 11, 2024$3,000 to $10,000LGBTQ+ student pursuing higher ed
Zonta Club of Denver ScholarshipApril 1, 2024$2,500 one-time awardFemale Denver HS senior in business
Soroptimist Live Your Dream AwardNovember 15, 2023$5,000Primary family support; disadvantaged women
Footprints to Freedom ScholarshipApril 9, 2024$1,000African American graduating CO HS girl

You can also check Scholarships in Colorado 2024-2025 on their

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Tips for Writing a Winning Scholarship Essay

The written essay and short answer responses on scholarship applications provide key opportunities to bring your background, passions and dreams to life. Make your scholarship essays stand out and persuade evaluators by:

How to Get Started and Applying for Colorado Scholarships

Don’t leave scholarship dollars on the table by missing key deadlines! Here are steps to prep winning applications:

You can find your desired scholarships here

Top Sites to Find Scholarships in Colorado

Beyond large national scholarship databases, Colorado has state-specific scholarship resources with niche offerings worth utilizing, including: Colorado Scholarships

FastWeb Colorado Scholarship Finder

GoCollege Colorado Scholarship Guide

Niche Colorado College Scholarship Search

Unigo College Scholarship Finder

SchoolSoup Colorado Scholarship Search

With preparation and persistence, you can secure generous scholarships to reduce the costs of earning a degree in Colorado.


What scholarships are easiest to get?

Some of the easiest scholarships to qualify for include small annual essay scholarships under $1,000, minority group scholarships, monthly Unigo micro-scholarships under $500, associate degree scholarships, high school senior scholarships with less applicants, and small niche community organizations or local scholarships.

How can I get 100% scholarship in US?

Winning a full ride 100% scholarship is highly competitive, but opportunities exist through merit scholarships rewarding academic excellence, grants and full scholarships from universities themselves, sports scholarships for athletic talents, needs-based institutions that cover full financial need, ROTC/military academies, and programs supporting underrepresented minority groups.

Does Colorado State have scholarships?

Yes, Colorado State University provides generous scholarship opportunities including the Green and Gold Scholars Program covering tuition, fees, room and board and study abroad funding for high-achieving freshman. They also offer merit scholarships rewarding GPA and test scores between $500 to $5,000.

Does Colorado College give scholarships to international students?

While Colorado College does not award merit scholarships to international students, they meet 100% of demonstrated financial need for admitted international applicants, making degrees affordable. Over 25% of students receive financial aid.

How can I go to college for free in Colorado?

Strategies to attend college for free in Colorado include winning prestigious full tuition scholarships, utilizing Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) discounted tuition programs in nearby states charging 150% of in-state rates for Colorado residents, apply for needs-based aid and institutional grants that cover gaps after other funding is applied, and enroll in a tuition-waiver assistant role on campus in student housing, laboratories, or departments.

Can Colorado residents go to college for free?

While free college is rare, Colorado residents have excellent options to earn debt-free degrees through the Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative which funds qualifying low-income students to complete community college degrees without tuition expenses. Colorado also offers generous merit scholarships like the Boettcher Foundation scholarship which covers all costs at Colorado universities.

Is Colorado good for international students?

Yes, Colorado is an excellent destination for international students seeking an affordable US education in a welcoming environment with immigrants making up 10% of the population. Colorado universities actively recruit global scholars. Over 9,000 international students study in Colorado earning esteemed degrees in fields like engineering, business and computer science.

Is Colorado State good for international students?

With over 1,700 international students, Colorado State University provides excellent support for global scholars including an International Student & Scholar Services office, Global Leadership Initiative program, customized orientation for new international students, and partnerships with overseas universities easing the admissions process.

What is Colorado state acceptance rate for international students?

The acceptance rate for international undergraduate applicants at Colorado State University is 44%, significantly higher than the 59% overall acceptance rate. This demonstrates CSU’s commitment to building a global student community.

Is Colorado College hard to get into?

Yes, Colorado College has an extremely competitive 13% acceptance rate requiring strong grades and test scores for admission. The middle 50% of admitted students score between 1310-1470 on the SAT. GPA averages are also high.

What GPA do you need for Colorado College?

The middle 50% of students admitted to Colorado College earn high school GPAs between 3.90-4.00 on a 4.0 scale, demonstrating this selective college expects academic excellence for incoming freshmen.

Does Colorado College require SAT?

While Colorado College is SAT/ACT optional, 79% of applicants submit standardized test scores which are considered in admissions decisions if provided along with factors like course rigor, essays, recommendations, grades and interview.

How long do you have to live in Colorado to be a resident for college?

Colorado requires 12 continuous months of domicile in the state prior to the start of the semester to qualify for the lower in-state tuition rates rather than higher non-resident fees. Simply residing in Colorado for school does not convey eligibility.

Is Colorado College worth the money?

With a 56% ROI earnings boost and early career pay of $55,800, Colorado College delivers exceptional value. Graduates earn a median $71,600 mid-career salary. While expensive at over $80,000 per year after room, board and costs, financial aid drops costs for families earning under $200,000.

Is Colorado a good state for college?

Colorado is an excellent college destination with abundant outdoor recreation, 300+ sunny days per year, highly ranked universities like University of Colorado Boulder, a vibrant tech job market, and diverse urban and rural regions to explore. Eight public Colorado universities rank nationally alongside elite private options.

Is Colorado State expensive?

Colorado State University costs $28,392 per year after tuition, room/board, fees and additional expenses for in-state students which is 2% above the national average public school costs. With generous financial aid bringing costs below $20,000 per year for students with need, CSU provides value.

Which US state is best for international students?

California, New York, Texas and Massachusetts host the largest international student bodies in the US. New York City and California college towns like LA and San Francisco provide global food and culture. Massachusetts colleges like Harvard and MIT draw global scholars seeking esteemed degrees leading to high-paying US jobs.

Which state in USA is most popular for international students?

California ranks as the most popular US study destination for international students hosting 161,693 visiting scholars. Other top destinations for internationals include New York (124,277 students), Texas (82,384 students), Massachusetts (71,140 students) and Illinois (58,793).

Can I get into Colorado State with a 2.7 GPA?

While below Colorado State’s average admitted 3.61 high school GPA, applicants with 2.7 GPAs still have a strong 64% admission chance if paired with factors like compelling application essays, letters of recommendation and standardized test scores.

Does Colorado College give merit scholarships?

As Colorado College practices need-blind admissions and meets 100% of demonstrated financial need for all admitted students, they focus all scholarships on financial need rather than academics, leadership or sports talent, awarding over $50 million in aid annually.

Does Colorado College give financial aid to international students?

Yes, once admitted, Colorado College promises to meet 100% of international students’ demonstrated financial need, providing institutional aid and grants to make attendance accessible combined with home country loans and family contributions.

How much is Colorado College tuition?

Overall costs to attend Colorado College exceed $81,000 per year including $63,500 for tuition, room & board, fees plus an additional estimated $18,000 for personal expenses, transportation, books and supplies.

What’s special about Colorado College?

Unique aspects of a Colorado College education include block scheduling with one class at a time, vibrant outdoor culture, strong global programs with 70% of students studying abroad, and intentional small community with intellectual, adventurous peers.

What major is Colorado College known for?

As a liberal arts college, Colorado College is best known for humanities and social sciences rather than technical degrees, with most popular majors including Political Science, Business, Biology and Economics. 25% of students customize their own major through flexible curricula.

Is California or Colorado cheaper?

Both California and Colorado offer affordable higher education options, but on average, college tuition and living costs prove cheaper in Colorado. For example, average in-state tuition in Colorado totals $9,560 compared to California averaging $14,308. Housing is also cheaper.

Is Colorado cheaper than California?

Yes, overall cost of living proves over 35% cheaper in Colorado versus California. Key data points include housing costs being half as much in CO cities, groceries costing 3% less, transportation priced 12% lower, healthcare 10% cheaper, and entertainment/leisure 32% cheaper per 2022 data.

Is Colorado cheap to live in?

Offering rents 28% below the national average and home prices that are 35-40% lower than expensive US states, Colorado proves one of the nation’s cheapest places to live. However, a rising population driving demand has led to over 20% annual housing appreciation recently making Colorado pricier.

What colleges accept a 2.5 GPA in Colorado?

Top Colorado colleges accepting high school applicants with 2.5 GPAs include local community colleges like Pikes Peak Community College, Red Rocks Community College, Colorado Northwestern Community College and Aims Community College alongside some public universities like University of Northern Colorado.

Does Colorado State University require IELTS?

The minimum admission requirement for non-native English speakers applying to Colorado State University is a 61 iBT TOEFL score or 6.0 IELTS score. So while IELTS isn’t required if your TOEFL score is sufficient, one of these tests must be taken to show English language proficiency.

Is Colorado State University easy to get into?

With an 81% admission rate above the 70% average for U.S. public colleges, Colorado State University proves quite easy to gain admission to for in-state applicants demonstrating at least a high school 3.0 GPA and 23 ACT or 1120 SAT test score. Transfer students have over 90% admission odds.

Which state is cheapest for international students in USA?

Mississippi, Arkansas, Utah and Wyoming offer the lowest overall costs for international students including tuition under $25,000 per year and affordable living

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