10 Best Fully Funded Masters Programs in USA 2024

The 10 Best Fully Funded Masters Programs in USA 2024 offer stellar academic opportunities paired with financial accessibility through generous scholarships and assistantships. Stanford University takes our #1 spot, providing students awards like Fellowships averaging $47,100 annually, fully covering tuition costs and living expenses.

Harvard University guarantees full funding for 100% of Ph.D students and supports numerous competitive masters programs with aid like Teaching Fellowships, externally funded Research Assistantships and prestigious honor society awards averaging $35,000 in total annual value. Public schools also make the ranking, with the University of Michigan delivering Rackham Merit Fellowships worth over $20,000 per year to eliminate financial barriers.

All universities in our 10 Best Fully Funded Masters Programs in USA 2024 ranking have awards, scholarships and assistantship stipends ranging from $15,000 to $47,100 available annually to cover full tuition and living costs for deserving students. Review detailed funding breakdowns and package options at top private and public institutions enabling affordable, debt-free masters education through generous included financial support.

Fully Funded Masters Programs

This article provides a ranking of the 10 Best Fully Funded Masters Programs in USA 2024. Fully funded masters provide exceptional value by covering full tuition, fees, and living costs to eliminate financial barriers. Our methodology rates universities based on funding amounts, program quality and value, percentage of students funded, and variety of funded degree options.

Discover the #1 pick, Stanford University, located near San Francisco offering unmatched learning paired with generous graduate funding in nearly every department. Prestigious schools like Harvard, MIT, Columbia also make the list for strong academics and aid. Highly affordable public options feature too with Michigan, UC Berkeley and more to showcase first-rate education without the price tag courtesy of included funding packages.

Review full details on the 10 Best Fully Funded Masters Programs 2024 spanning private universities and public schools across geographies. Compare your options from this expertly curated annual ranking assessing program excellence coupled with accessibility through comprehensive financial assistance. Take the guesswork out and simplify your graduate research.

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Fully funded masters programs cover the complete cost of tuition and fees and provide a stipend for living expenses. They greatly expand access to graduate education by eliminating the financial barrier. This article ranks the top 10 fully funded masters programs in the USA for 2024 based on the amount of funding provided, the quality and value of the degrees offered, the percentage of students receiving full funding, and the variety of programs covered.

What Does “Fully Funded” Mean for Masters Programs?

When a masters program is described as “fully funded,” it means that the cost of tuition and fees are completely covered for students. Additionally, fully funded masters programs provide students with a stipend to assist with living expenses. This funding allows students to focus on their graduate studies rather than worrying about affording the costs.

Specifically, full funding for a masters program includes:

  • Tuition and Fees: The cost of all graduate coursework and access to campus facilities is covered by the university. This eliminates expensive out-of-pocket tuition payments.
  • Assistantship Stipend: Funded masters students receive a livable stipend, typically $15,000 – $30,000 per academic year. Common assistantships are teaching assistantships (TAs) and research assistantships (RAs).
  • Health Insurance: Most assistantships also include health insurance coverage, ensuring students have access to healthcare.

Fully funded masters are different from masters programs that offer scholarships, grants, or partial funding. With full funding, 100% of admitted students receive guaranteed funding. Partial funding programs have limited spots, more competition, or may only fund certain costs.

The key takeaway is that fully funded masters provide comprehensive financial support without loans. Students can focus on academic and career growth for the future rather than worrying about money in the present.

International Students can also find Fully Funded Masters Scholarships in UK

Benefits of Fully Funded Masters Programs

Pursuing a fully funded masters program has many advantages:

No Financial Burden

The greatest benefit is a graduate degree with no debt. The average student loan debt for a masters degree is over $71,000 (U.S. News). Eliminating this financial burden allows graduates to truly reap the rewards of their degree.

Focus on Studies

Money worries can negatively impact academic performance. With tuition and living expenses covered, students can fully devote time and mental energy to classes, research, and career growth.

Access to Graduate Education

Cost should not prohibit qualified students from advancement. Yet many cannot afford the high price tag of masters programs without taking on loans. Fully funded places emphasize merit over means, creating more equitable access.

Strengthen Resume

Funding packages are highly competitive. Receiving a fully funded spot exhibits academic excellence to future employers. It shows the school deeply invests in the student’s future.

Compared to self-funded graduate school, funded masters expand access and allow brighter professional futures unburdened by debt.

How We Ranked the Top 10 Fully Funded Masters Programs

Our rankings methodology combines quantitative and qualitative factors:

Funding Amount

The more funding package value, the better for students. We favor schools that offer higher dollar amounts.

Program Quality and Value

Academic excellence matters. Using external rankings helps benchmark grad program caliber.

Percentage Fully Funded

Larger percentages mean more inclusive access versus limited spots.

Variety of Programs

Schools with a wider breadth of funded disciplines provide more options.

Balancing these metrics offers a full picture of best fully funded masters universities. Now let’s review the top 10 programs making education accessible.

1. Stanford University

Stanford University Fully Funded Masters Programs

Topping our list is Stanford University, located near San Francisco, CA. As one of the most prestigious universities worldwide, Stanford offers unmatched learning opportunities. The school prides itself on admitting students regardless of their ability to pay and meeting 100% of demonstrated financial need.

Graduate Funding

Stanford provides exceptional funding packages for graduate students that fully cover tuition plus a livable stipend. Over 90% of doctoral students receive assistance. Popular aid packages include:

  • Fellowships: Avg. $47,100 annually, extremely competitive
  • Research Assistantships: Work 20 hours/week under faculty advisors
  • Teaching Assistantships: Teach undergrad courses

Fully Funded Masters Programs

Nearly all Stanford graduate students receive full funding. Top ranked fully funded masters span programs across disciplines:

  • Business: #1 MBA
  • Engineering: #1 Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
  • Sciences: #2 Physics, #3 Mathematics
  • Social Sciences: #1 Economics, #3 Education, #1 Law

With unmatched academics and generous funding, Stanford provides the pinnacle of fully funded masters programs for 2024.

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2. Harvard University

Harvard University in Cambridge, MA carries global prestige as one of the top ranked universities internationally. Over 21,000 students attend Harvard, with graduate students comprising nearly a third. Harvard takes pride in meeting 100% of demonstrated financial need for students and having one of the most generous financial aid programs.

Graduate Funding Harvard provides exceptional funding packages for doctoral students across disciplines. Over 90% receive assistance. Popular aid includes:

  • Fellowships: Full funding covering tuition, fees, healthcare, and stipend
  • Teaching Fellowships: Lead undergraduate sections and labs
  • Research Assistantships: Work with faculty advisors

Fully Funded Masters Programs While funding primarily supports Harvard doctoral students, many masters programs have high numbers of funded places, including:

  • Business: HBS MBA
  • Engineering: SEAS Masters Programs
  • Design: Graduate School of Design
  • Law School: LLM
  • Medical Sciences: Public Health, Medical Sciences

With world-renowned academics and generous aid, Harvard graduate funding makes top masters education accessible.

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3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is world famous for excellence in science and engineering located in Cambridge, MA. MIT emphasizes hands-on interdisciplinary research and real-world problem solving. The school has a 7% graduate program acceptance rate yet aims to ensure affordability through inclusive financial aid packages.

MIT Fully Funded Masters Programs

Graduate Funding MIT provides exceptional funding for over 90% of graduate students to fully cover tuition and provide a livable stipend. Aid programs include:

  • Fellowships: Average $43,000 funding per year
  • Teaching Assistantships: Assist faculty by teaching groups of undergraduate students
  • Research Assistantships: Work closely under the supervision of faculty members on projects

Fully Funded Masters Programs Given the focus on sciences and engineering, top ranked MIT masters programs with ample funding include:

  • Engineering: Aeronautics/Astronautics, Biological Engineering, Computer Science
  • Sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology
  • Artificial Intelligence: Robotics

MIT’s academic rigor paired with accessible funding places it highly for fully funded masters programs.

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4. Princeton University

Princeton University Fully Funded Masters Programs

Prestigious Princeton University is located in New Jersey. Princeton offers graduate education exclusively at the doctoral and masters level, focusing on intense scholarship and cutting-edge research. Princeton meets 100% of demonstrated financial need for all students.

Graduate Funding Due to the exclusively graduate-level education, Princeton invests heavily in funding programs. Aid packages fully cover tuition plus a stipend:

  • Fellowships: Average total package value $32,000
  • Teaching Assistantships: Assist faculty by grading or leading discussion groups
  • Research Assistantships: Work directly under faculty advisors

Fully Funded Masters Programs
While funding primarily aids doctoral students, many competitive masters programs have full funding opportunities including:

  • Public Affairs
  • Public Policy
  • Engineering
  • Finance

Princeton’s grad-exclusive focus and generous assistance provide unique funded masters chances.

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5. Columbia University

Columbia University Fully Funded Masters Programs

Columbia University is an Ivy League institution located in New York City. The university contains 20 different schools and award graduate degrees across 100 diverse programs. Columbia strives to meet 100% of enrolled students’ demonstrated financial need.

Graduate Funding To promote affordability, Columbia guarantees funding for all Ph.D students and has partnerships with external funders to support master’s students. Aid programs fully cover tuition, fees, and health insurance plus a stipend. Options include:

  • Fellowships: Average total worth $35,000
  • Teaching Fellowships: Lead course sections or labs
  • Research Assistantships: Conduct research under faculty

Fully Funded Masters Programs While funding focuses on doctoral students, notable Columbia masters programs with full funding chances include:

  • Journalism
  • International and Public Affairs
  • Data Science
  • Business

With a diversity of graduate areas and funding access, Columbia provides exceptional fully funded masters choices.

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6. University of Michigan

A top public university, the University of Michigan – located in Ann Arbor – stands as the flagship campus of the state’s university system. Over 6,000 graduate students enroll across 200+ degree programs. Michigan strives for affordable excellence, providing funding to over 70% of graduate students.

University of Michigan Fully Funded Masters Programs

Graduate Funding To maximize affordability, Michigan guarantees multi-year funding packages for doctoral students which also assists numerous competitive master’s programs. Support includes:

  • Rackham Merit Fellowships: Over $20,000/year
  • Teaching Assistantships: Lead recitation and lab sessions
  • Research Assistantships: 20 hours a week aiding faculty

Fully Funded Masters Programs Notable Michigan masters programs with ample funding spots spanning disciplines:

  • Engineering: Biomedical Engineering, Data Science
  • Business: Supply Chain Management
  • Health Sciences: Nursing, Public Health

With expansive graduate education and funding access, Michigan provides high quality affordable masters choices.

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7. University of California, Berkeley

UC Berkeley Fully Funded Masters Programs

As the top public university in the United States, UC Berkeley offers exceptional academics at an affordable price courtesy of generous graduate funding. Over 11,000 graduate students enroll across 140 programs and aim to solve real-world problems.

Graduate Funding Berkeley provides guaranteed multi-year funding to doctoral students and has partnerships to support master’s students. Packages fully cover tuition, fees, health insurance plus a livable stipend. Options include:

  • Prestigious Fellowships: Around 15,000 fellowship awards annually
  • Graduate Student Instructorships: Lead discussion and laboratory sections
    • Research Assistantships: Work 20 hours per week under faculty

Fully Funded Masters Programs Notable Berkeley masters programs with ample funding include:

  • Data Science
  • Business Analytics
  • Public Health
  • Public Policy

With top-tier academics and ample affordable degree choices, Berkeley earns its place among the best values for accessible masters.

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8. University of California, Los Angeles

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) shines as the #1 public university in the U.S. according to Times Higher Education. UCLA enrolls over 15,000 graduate students across 140 programs emphasizing cross-disciplinary collaboration and research advancing public service. Over 75% of doctoral students receive funding.

UCLA Fully Funded Masters Programs

Graduate Funding UCLA aims to ensure affordability by providing generous funding for Ph.D. students also assisting competitive masters students. Packages cover full tuition, fees, and healthcare plus a livable stipend. Options include:

  • Fellowships: Prestigious awards valuing $30,000 annually
  • Teaching Assistantships: Lead discussion sections, labs, lectures
  • Research Assistantships: 20-hour week role under faculty

Fully Funded Masters Programs
Notable UCLA masters programs with ample funding spots include:

  • Public Affairs
  • Public Health
  • Engineering
  • Business Analytics

With stellar academics and accessible funding, UCLA masters provide abundant opportunity.

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9. University of Washington

The flagship institution in the state of Washington, the University of Washington (UW) in Seattle earns distinction as one of the top public colleges nationwide. Over 13,000 graduate students pursue education and research across over 200 programs. UW holds affordability as a key priority, striving to provide generous aid.

University of Washington Fully Funded Masters Programs

Graduate Funding
UW offers competitive multi-year guaranteed funding packages to incoming doctoral admits also assisting some masters students. Packages cover tuition, fees, and include salaries from programs like:

  • Teaching Assistantships: Lead course sections and labs
  • Research Assistantships: 20-hour week role under faculty

Additionally, UW master’s students receive prestigious external scholarships and fellowships averaging $20,000 per year.

Fully Funded Masters Programs
Notable UW Seattle masters programs with abundant funding chances include:

  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Public Affairs
  • Business Analytics
  • Nursing

With top academics and accessible aid, UW Seattle earns a spot among fully funded public masters gems.

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10. University of Texas at Austin

University of Texas at Austin Fully Funded Masters Programs

The University of Texas at Austin garners attention as one of the top public universities nationally, claiming the #1 spot for best value education. Over 11,000 graduate students enroll across 13 different schools and colleges. UT Austin holds affordability as a key priority.

Graduate Funding UT Austin provides generous multi-year funding packages to incoming doctoral students and some master’s students. Funding covers full tuition and fees while providing a livable wage through programs like:

  • Teaching Assistantships: Lead recitation sessions and grade papers
  • Research Assistantships: 20 hours per week working in university labs
  • Graduate Research Fellowships: Prestigious awards up to $25,000

Fully Funded Masters Programs
While funding focuses more at the Ph.D. level, notable UT Austin masters programs with full funding support include:

  • School of Information
  • Energy and Earth Resources
  • Social Work
  • Accounting

With a stellar academic reputation and focus on affordability, UT Austin remains a top choice for accessible, high value masters education.

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Here is a table of scholarship names and 2024-2025 deadline dates relevant for the fully funded masters programs mentioned in the article:

Scholarship Name2024-2025 Deadline
Stanford University FellowshipsDecember 1, 2024
Harvard University Internal FellowshipsEarly January 2025
MIT Fellowship NominationMid February 2025
Princeton Internal FellowshipsJanuary 5, 2025
Columbia University Presidential FellowshipsJanuary 15, 2025
University of Michigan Rackham Merit FellowshipsLate January 2025
UC Berkeley FellowshipsDecember 15, 2024
UCLA Graduate FellowshipsJanuary 15, 2025
UW Seattle Fellowships and AwardsEarly January 2025
UT Austin Continuing FellowshipFebruary 1, 2025
NSF Graduate Research FellowshipOctober – November 2024
Ford Foundation FellowshipEarly December 2024
Fulbright US Student ProgramEarly October 2024
Hertz Foundation FellowshipEarly May 2025
Mellon Mays Graduate FellowshipsEarly December 2024
Paul and Daisy Soros FellowshipsEarly November 2024

Conclusion: Choosing the Best Fully Funded Masters Program for You

Pursuing a fully funded masters program is a wise investment that eliminates financial barriers to accessing top-tier education. As showcased, numerous excellent universities across disciplines offer full funding packages covering tuition, fees and living stipends.

When researching programs, utilize the rankings here as a starting guide. Compare aid options, program quality and grad funding rates at schools on your short list to gauge full support availability. Thoroughly investigate departments of interest to understand admission competitiveness and funding timelines.

Keep in mind your career goals and tailor applications accordingly. For research-focused ambitions like a PhD, target schools with bountiful lab, teaching and publishing opportunities. Those desiring leadership roles may benefit most from prestigious recognizable names. Align selections strategically.

Most importantly, identify the best academic, financial and cultural fit. Location factors like cost of living influence how far stipends stretch. Analyze total value beyond just funding amount. Between two offers, degree quality and support system matter more than minor aid differences.

With wise discernment, due diligence and an eye toward full funding accessibility, you can enter a top masters program poised for post-graduation success without oppressive debt. Earning a funded place shows the department’s investment in you, freeing you to fully invest yourself in growth.


Are there fully funded Masters?

Yes, many top universities in the USA offer fully funded masters programs that cover the complete costs of tuition, fees, and living expenses for graduate students through teaching and research assistantships, fellowships, and other opportunities. Fully funded masters eliminate the financial barrier to accessing top-tier education.

How can I get full funding for Masters in USA?

Strategies to obtain full funding: gain research experience as an undergraduate, achieve a high GPA showing academic excellence, nail admissions essays highlighting research/work experience, apply early showing dedication, contact desired departments about funding availability and tell them if you have an external scholarship.

Is it possible to get 100% scholarship for Masters in USA?

While rare, some exceptional students may secure a full ride scholarship covering 100% of Masters costs in the USA. This requires extraordinary achievements like publishing research, winning highly competitive external awards like Fulbright or having unique experiences. Realistically, fully funded packages through assistantships better support Masters study.

Can I get fully funded Masters in UK?

Yes, numbers of UK universities provide full funding for Masters study especially in STEM fields, covering the full cost of tuition and providing a living stipend. Many UK research councils offer prestigious scholarships for Masters. Top ranked programs like Cambridge also offer aid.

Are Harvard Masters funded?

While Harvard dedicates more funding toward Ph.D students, many competitive Harvard Masters programs like business, public health, medical sciences and design have reasonable availability for fully funded slots including tuition, fees, healthcare and stipends averaging $35,000 total yearly value.

How do I get masters funding?

Strategies: research schools thoroughly checking rankings and funding rates, ask current students about support, highlight research experience, secure strong letters of recommendation, contact desired departments early expressing interest in funding opportunities, apply for both internal and external assistantships, scholarships and grants.

Which US university gives 100% scholarship?

No university guarantees full ride 100% scholarships for all master’s students. However, top ranked schools like Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Princeton, Yale and more provide generous funding packages to eliminate cost barriers through teaching and research assistantships, grants and fellowships. These can combine with external awards for complete coverage.

How much money is needed for Masters in USA?

Typical costs for a 2-year masters program average $30,000-$50,000 in total for top schools when factoring ~$25,000 annual for tuition/fees plus ~$15,000 yearly for living costs. Fully funded packages cover these expenses. Self-funded students need around $50,000-$75,000 total saved up to attend masters programs in America.

Do we get paid for Masters in USA?

Yes, students with fully funded masters packages in USA receive a livable stipend salary for teaching or research work, averaging $15,000 – $30,000 paid across the academic year on top of tuition coverage. So funded masters essentially both pay for costs and provide a salary.

What is the easiest fully funded scholarship?

Unlike bachelor degrees, masters studies have fewer full ride “easy” scholarships. But programs like the Mellon Mays Fellowship provide essentially guaranteed multi-year full funding including stipend for underrepresented students pursuing postgraduate study in humanities or social sciences.

What GPA is required for full scholarship in USA?

Minimum GPA for major external masters scholarships like Fulbright is 3.7 out of 4.0. For top universities’ own prestige awards, competitive applicants have 3.8+ GPAs showing academic excellence. Remember GPA minimums are lower thresholds – profiles with 3.9+ GPAs have the best fully funded scholarship odds.

How much GPA is required to get full scholarship in USA?

Applicants should target a graduate GPA of 3.8 or higher on the USA 4.0 scale to be considered competitive candidates for prestigious full scholarships at top masters programs, which also assess research experience, writing skills, uniqueness and commitment to service requiring an exceptional all-around application.

Is Stanford Masters funded?

Yes, at Stanford well over 90% of all graduate students receive generous funding packages fully covering tuition and providing salary stipends around $47,100 on average per year through programs like fellowships, research/teaching assistant roles. Many of their top globally ranked masters programs participate.

Is PhD at Harvard paid?

Yes, a Harvard PhD is fully funded. 100% of doctoral students receive a funding package covering full tuition costs and providing an annual stipend averaging around $38,000 to support living expenses. Funding comes through paid work as teaching fellows and research assistants.

Is PhD in Harvard fully funded?

Yes, all PhD students at Harvard are guaranteed fully funded packages meeting 100% of demonstrated financial need. These packages cover full tuition, health insurance fees, and provide annual stipends around $38,000 on average through programs like teaching fellowships, research traineeships and external grant funding.

How can I get full free scholarship in USA?

Strategies include: maintaining a stellar GPA showing academic excellence, gaining extensive research experience, securing strong recommendation letters, acing application materials highlighting goals/passion, applying for both university-specific and large external scholarships like Fulbright, and communicating interest in funding opportunities directly with desired graduate programs.

What is the most famous scholarship?

Some of the most prestigious and well-known graduate scholarships enabling full funding for American education include: Rhodes Scholarships for Oxford University, Gates Cambridge Scholarships, Marshall Scholarships for any UK graduate program, and the Fulbright Scholarship supporting grad study abroad in 140+ countries.

Which scholarship is easy to get in USA?

The easiest full graduate scholarships to obtain in America providing essentially guaranteed funding upon meeting eligibility include the Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for immigrants or children of immigrants pursuing advanced degrees, and the Mellon Mays Fellowship for underrepresented minority students planning PhD study in humanities or social sciences.

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