Deakin University Scholarships 2024 – Fully Funded

Deakin University Scholarships like the prestigious Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship package full tuition fee remission currently valued at up to $28,000 per year along with additional benefits.

The Deakin India Tata Scholarship Fund also provides up to $15,000 towards annual tuition based on merit. Other programs include the International Baccalaureate Scholarship offering 25% fee remission, the Faculty Research Scholarships with stipends of around $27,500 per annum for living costs, and Postgraduate Awards of $5,000 towards first year tuition.

Across levels ranging from coursework to postgraduate research, Deakin University scholarships reward academic excellence with generous financial support easing the journey for high-achieving international students.

Deakin University Scholarships


For international students, starting at university can be an exciting adventure. The biggest hurdle is how to pay for studies and living expenses in a foreign land. Scholarships can give crucial financial assistance & make studying overseas easier.

International students commencing studies at Deakin University in 2024 are eligible to apply for the University’s well-structured scholarship program, which covers undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD levels. Deakin is a campus-based Open and Distance Learning institution located in Melbourne, Geelong and Warrnambool. Deakin provides a vibrant and welcoming environment for students from all over the world.

Deakin University Scholarships for International Student

Deakin offers three main scholarship programs specifically targeted at supporting high-achieving international students:

  • Deakin University Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship – This prestigious scholarship provides a tuition fee remission scholarship of up to 100 percent of the tuition fee for the normal, standard duration of the recipient’s chosen undergraduate or postgraduate by coursework degree. To be eligible, you must demonstrate outstanding academic achievement.
  • Deakin University International Baccalaureate Scholarship – This scholarship awards a 25 percent reduction in yearly tuition fees from the first until the last semester of an undergraduate coursework degree for which you will be enrolled. To be eligible, you must have obtained an IB diploma outside China with a minimum score of 29 points.
  • Deakin University Postgraduate Coursework International Scholarship – This scholarship provides a 50 percent fee remission off your postgraduate by coursework degree tuition fees for the normal, standard duration of the degree. To be eligible, you need a distinction average or higher in the final year of your qualifying program.

Faculties and Disciplines Offering Funded Scholarships

Deakin University delivers programs across four faculties – Arts and Education, Business and Law, Health, and Science, Engineering and Built Environment. Within these faculties, the university provides a number of generous scholarships and awards aimed at supporting high-achieving international students beginning their studies in 2024.

Faculty of Arts and Education Scholarships

The Faculty of Arts and Education offers prestigious scholarships for commencing international students including:

  • Alfred Deakin International Postgraduate Research Scholarship – Covers living allowance and tuition fees for the normal duration of a PhD program. Recipients receive a stipend of AUD $27,596 per annum (2022 rate).
  • Faculty of Arts and Education International Scholarship – Offers a 25 percent tuition fee reduction for the normal duration of an eligible postgraduate by coursework degree in areas such as education, humanities, social work and community services.
  • Bachelor of Design (Architecture) and Built Environment International Scholarship – merit-based scholarship covering 25 percent of tuition fees for the normal duration of the Bachelor of Design (Architecture) degree.

Faculty of Business and Law Scholarships

International students commencing business and law degrees can apply for:

  • Dean’s International Merit Scholarship – up to AUD $5,000 towards first year tuition fees for high achieving students enrolling in Faculty of Business and Law undergraduate degrees. Can be combined with other scholarships.

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment Scholarships

International students commencing STEM-related degrees at Deakin University in 2024 are eligible for various faculty-based scholarships, awards and prizes including:

  • Dean’s International Scholarship – Up to AUD $5,000 towards first year tuition fees for high-achieving international students enrolling in undergraduate programs within the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment.
  • Information Technology International Scholarship – Provides a 25% fee remission off annual tuition fees for the normal duration of undergraduate degrees in Information Technology. Based on academic merit.
  • Bachelor of Environmental Science (Marine Biology) International Scholarship – Offers 25% reduction in annual tuition fees for the normal duration of the BEnvSci (Marine Biology) degree. Based on academic achievement, open to commencing international students.
  • School of Engineering International Prize for Academic Excellence – one-off payment of AUD $2,000 prize for first year commencing international students enrolled in engineering degrees, based on outstanding academic merit.

Deakin’s Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment empowers students to find solutions to global challenges in areas like IT, environmental science, bioinformatics, architecture and more. Commencing international students are supported through various competitive scholarship offerings.

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Eligibility Criteria for Deakin International Scholarships

Most of Deakin University scholarships for international students must meet some academic and English language requirements. Here is an overview of the key criteria

Academic Requirements

  • For coursework scholarships, you generally need at least a 70% average in your previous degree or qualifying program, depending on the specific scholarship and faculty. Some scholarships require an 80% average.
  • Entry into most undergraduate programs requires completion of final year secondary school exams equivalent to an ATAR of ~60+. Specific program requirements may differ.
  • For PhD scholarships, you typically need a first class honors, distinction average or high master’s result in a related field of over 80% to qualify and secure a faculty supervisor for your research proposal.

English Language Requirements

  • The language of instruction at Deakin University is English. The minimum IELTS (or equivalent) required for international students depends on their chosen program, and generally falls between 6.0 and 7.0 for most degrees.
  • Some scholarships have higher IELTS requirements, for example postgraduate research scholarship recipients typically need an Overall IELTS score of at least 6.5 with no band less than 6.0.

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Here is a table outlining the names of various Deakin University scholarships for international students starting in 2024 along with their typical application deadline dates:

Scholarship NameDeadline
Vice-Chancellor’s International ScholarshipSeptember 30, 2023
International Baccalaureate (IB) ScholarshipNovember 30, 2023
Faculty of Arts & Education International ScholarshipOctober 31, 2023
Faculty of Business and Law Dean’s International Merit ScholarshipDecember 15, 2023
Faculty of Health International Undergraduate ScholarshipJanuary 15, 2024
Deakin India Tata ScholarshipAugust 31, 2023
Alfred Deakin International Postgraduate Research ScholarshipYear-round applications, close dates variable by faculty
Postgrad Coursework International ScholarshipCheck individual course deadlines

Do note that specific deadlines can vary year to year if there are intake changes. Priority deadlines for competitive scholarships tend to be 1-2 trimesters before commencement. Reach out to Deakin’s Scholarships Office for updated information.

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Full Tuition vs Partial Tuition Scholarships

Deakin’s international scholarships provide varying levels of tuition fee support, ranging from 25% to 100% fee remission:

  • The Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship offers the most generous tuition coverage – providing complete fee remission (100%) for undergraduate or postgrad coursework degrees. This covers the entire cost of tuition based on the standard number of credit points required to complete your program.
  • Scholarships like the International Baccalaureate and Faculty Coursework Scholarships offer partial fee remission between 25%-50% for eligible programs. Students awarded these part tuition scholarships will still need to fund the remaining tuition costs.
  • Research scholarships like the Alfred Deakin International often provide full tuition support plus an annual living allowance stipend of ~AUD $28,000 for PhD candidates.

When budgeting for your studies, note that tuition fees are not the only cost. You also need to account for expenses like accommodation, textbooks, transportation, food, Overseas Student Health Cover and more. Your total budget would need to cover these additional living costs.

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Accommodation and Living Allowances

While Deakin’s coursework scholarships focus exclusively on tuition fee support, some of the postgraduate research scholarships also provide assistance with accommodations and a living allowance:

  • The Alfred Deakin International Postgraduate Research Scholarship covers more than just tuition fees. Recipients also receive subsidized accommodation through Deakin University’s Residential Services program. This provides access to furnished, self-catered housing located conveniently on campus.
  • Additionally, the Alfred Deakin Scholarship packages in an attractive annual stipend of over AUD $27,500 (2022 rate indexed annually) that can be used towards living expenses while dedicated full-time to PhD research. This allowance is a huge help in covering cost of living like food, transport, textbooks and more.
  • In comparison, most coursework scholarships do not provide this extra assistance with accommodation or an annual stipend. Make sure to account for rent, utilities, healthcare, transport, food and other basic needs in your student budget. Carefully manage your expenses alongside any tuition scholarships awarded.

Application Tips and Common Mistakes

Applying for competitive Deakin University scholarships for international students takes advanced preparation and strategic planning. Use these tips to strengthen your application:

How to Make Your Scholarship Application Stand Out

  • Highlight academic excellence – Emphasize your academic achievements like prior grades, awards and prizes that demonstrate scholarship potential.
  • Showcase extracurriculars – Research experience, student leadership, community service and internships showcase well-rounded abilities.
  • Tailor personal statements – Customize to the scholarship priorities rather than taking a generic approach. Align to Deakin’s mission and the program you are applying to.
  • Obtain prestigious references – Ask professors, employers and mentors who can speak to your strengths and potential impact in your field.
  • Apply early – Meet the priority scholarship deadline so your materials receive maximum consideration.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Submitting an incomplete application – Ensure all required sections are thoroughly completed.
  • Having an unfocused research proposal (for PhD scholarships) – Clearly define direction and feasibility of research you want to undertake at Deakin.
  • Misaligning experience and goals with the scholarship program aims
  • Waiting until the last minute to apply – Give yourself adequate time and don’t miss deadlines.
  • Failing to proofread for errors – Typos and quality issues undermine perception of your aptitude and attention to detail.

Deakin University Undergraduate Scholarships

Deakin University offers a suite of competitive merit-based scholarships aimed at supporting high-achieving international students commencing their undergraduate studies in 2024:

  • Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship – As mentioned previously, this prestigious scholarship packages full tuition fee remission alongside complimentary services like academic mentoring and career development support.
  • International Baccalaureate Scholarship – Offers 25% tuition fee remission for undergraduate degree. Requires completion of the IB diploma with minimum 29 points.
  • Faculty-Specific Scholarships – Numerous faculties provide undergraduate scholarships ranging from $5,000 Dean’s Scholarships to 25% fee remission for degrees in Health, Business, Arts, Design, IT and more.

To qualify for these undergraduate scholarships, typical requirements are:

  • 70%+ average in final year of high school academics
  • English language proficiency (e.g. Overall IELTS 6.5+)
  • College/university entry exam scores (where applicable)
  • Statement addressing academic achievements and alignment with Deakin program values

Deakin University Postgraduate Scholarships

International students commencing coursework master’s degrees and graduate certificates/diplomas in 2024 are also eligible for prestigious scholarships:

  • Postgrad Coursework International Scholarship – 50% tuition fee remission for duration of eligible postgrad program
  • Faculty-Specific Awards – e.g. 25% fee waiver for courses in Arts and Education or Health faculties
  • Dean’s International Merit Scholarship – One-off payment of $5,000 towards first year tuition fees

Typical requirements for postgrad coursework scholarships include:

  • 80%+ average in the final year of your undergraduate studies
  • Distinction or first class honors in your prior degree
  • IELTS score meeting the postgrad program’s English requirement
  • Strong references and statement of purpose

Deakin University Scholarships for Indian Students

Indian international students commencing at Deakin in 2024 can apply for all the general international scholarships. Additionally, Deakin offers India-specific scholarships:

  • Tata Scholarship – Established in partnership with Tata Sons, India’s largest multinational conglomerate, this fund provides tuition support for high achieving Indian students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate studies across various faculties.

The standard application process for Indian students is similar to other international applicants from overseas. This involves submitting prior academic records, English language test scores, resume, letters of recommendation and written statements. Scholarships are awarded based on merit.


Deakin University offers a wide range of prestigious, merit-based scholarships to support high-achieving international students from India and overseas countries commencing their studies in 2024 across undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD levels.

To summarize key points:

  • The Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship is the most generous for coursework students – covering 100% tuition fee remission and other additional perks like mentoring.
  • Programs across all four faculties – Arts & Education, Business & Law, Health, and Science & Engineering – have faculty-specific international scholarships ranging from 25% to 50% tuition fee waivers.
  • PhD candidates are supported through scholarships like the Alfred Deakin Research Scholarship which fully funds tuition and provides an annual stipend of over AUD $27,500 for living expenses.
  • To be eligible most scholarships require outstanding prior academic achievement (e.g 80%+ average) along with English language proficiency.
  • Indian students can apply for India-specific scholarships like the Tata Scholarship, along with all the general international awards.

We covered a lot of key details in this guide examining the many Deakin University scholarships available for international students starting in 2024. Hopefully you now have clarity on the process and feel equipped to apply for these competitive awards aimed at attracting top global talent to Deakin.


What is the scholarship for international students in Australia 2024? 

Australia offers a wide range of competitive scholarships for international students commencing studies in 2024. These aim to attract talented overseas students by providing financial aid for expenses like tuition fees and living costs. Popular scholarships are provided by individual universities like Deakin as well as national level government funded awards.

How do I contact Deakin scholarships? 

Deakin University has a dedicated Scholarships Office that you can contact via phone at +61 3 9244 3946 or email at for any inquiries related to available scholarships and the application process.

Are there any fully funded scholarships for international students? 

Yes, there are some fully funded scholarships for international students that cover most major costs – ranging from tuition fees, accommodation, healthcare subsidies to living allowances that support basic expenses. Scholarships like the prestigious Deakin Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarship package many benefits beyond just tuition support.

How many international students are in Deakin? 

As of 2022, Deakin hosts over 5,500 international students enrolled across its various campuses and worldwide learning centers representing over 100 nationalities. With a welcoming community and student experience focused culture, Deakin continues to attract talented international scholars.

Is Australia fully funded scholarship 2024 2025? 

The competitive Australia Awards Scholarships sponsored by the Australian government do provide nearly fully funded support for international students from eligible partnering developing countries commencing postgraduate study in 2024 and 2025 across various universities. These cover tuition fees, return air travel, Overseas Student Health Cover and a fortnightly living allowance for basic expenses.

How can I get a full scholarship in Australia? 

Some tips: Excellent grades and English language scores making you competitive globally, researching lesser known smaller specialized scholarships beyond the flagship options, directly contacting academics if research interests align for PhD scholarships opportunities, preparing early and tailoring strong applications addressing all criteria.

What is the easiest scholarship to get for international students? 

Deakin offers some accessible scholarships for international students, more so at the undergraduate level, that focus mainly on recent academic achievement as the key criteria and have fewer complex components. Examples are Deakin’s Bachelor of Nutrition Science International Scholarship or IT International Scholarship requiring a 60-70% average in recent studies without elaborate peripheral application requirements that can be barriers. Leverage these!

Which country gives the most scholarships to international students? 

Traditionally the United States, followed by the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Canada and France have provided some of the largest numbers of scholarships accessible for international students across levels from coursework to research degrees. The number and value of awards varies vastly between countries and individual universities within them though.

How do I find fully funded scholarships? 

Some search tips to find fully funded opportunities: Focus on university specific funded PhD options like the Deakin Alfred Deakin International Scholarship, leverage specialized scholarship databases like Scholaro, CampusFrance and which let you filter by ‘fully funded’ and level of study, or look into large government funded national programs using official government education sites.

What is the hardest type of scholarship to get? 

Highly competitive full ride scholarships like the Rhodes Scholarship, Fulbright Scholarship and Schwarzman Scholarship that fund postgraduate study internationally are considered amongst the hardest large scale prestigious awards for international students to secure given their very extensive application requirements, rounds of interviews and typically acceptance rates under 5% making them more exclusive.

Which scholarship is best for study abroad? 

For study abroad terms of 6 months – 1 year, flexible scholarships like Australia’s prestigious New Colombo Plan or popular Erasmus+ funding for Europe best facilitate international student mobility and cultural exchange rather than degree completion scholarships requiring longer term commitment. For full degree study abroad, national level options like Australia Awards or destination specific university funding is best aligned for multi-year support.

Does Clark University offer full scholarships for international students? 

Yes, Clark University does have some options like the International Student Scholarship program that offers multiple merit-based full tuition scholarships to exceptionally high achieving undergraduate and graduate international applicants demonstrating academic excellence, leadership accomplishments and who will further enhance diversity of the student community. This covers the comprehensive tuition fees component.

Why choose Deakin University? 

With 4-star global rankings, state-of-the-art tech-enabled campuses in desirable locations, access to leading research facilities across health care and emerging sciences, internationally accredited degrees led by expert faculty enabling work-integrated learning outcomes and a vibrant welcoming student community, Deakin University offers an excellent study experience and career development environment that prepares graduates to make global impact.

How to enroll in Deakin? 

Deakin’s online international enrollment process involves: researching appropriate courses/majors fitting academic and career goals, checking entry criteria, collating academic transcript and English test score documentation, submitting detailed university application, receiving offer acceptance communication, paying initial deposit/fee to confirm place, applying for student visa & making travel plans to commence study!

What is a major sequence Deakin? 

Majors are the field of specialized study within degree programs. Sequence refers to arranging compulsory units in structured recommended order over the three year full-time duration of an undergraduate bachelor’s degree. Following the major sequence therefore allows students to complete degree progression in a logical way fulfilling all faculty and subject-specific requirements in a smooth integrated manner.

Does Deakin have GPA? 

Yes. Alongside grading individual units, Deakin University does calculate Grade Point Average (GPA) to assess a student’s overall academic performance each study period and cumulatively through their degree. GPA uses a 7-point scale – taking an aggregate score from all units based on the grade and level/credit points. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2 is required for graduation.

Is Deakin online? 

Yes, Deakin is a leader and early pioneers in the online education space amongst Australia’s leading universities. A large portion of Deakin’s degree offerings across levels are delivered online through cloud and trimester based learning options with access to digital resources allowing flexible self-paced study aimed at working professionals and remote learners while mirrored on-campus.

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