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Ched Scholarship 2024 To 2025 | Eligibility, Application and Deadlines

The CHED scholarship 2024 to 2025 offers a valuable opportunity for deserving Filipino students to fund their college education. The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) provides over 300,000 scholarships yearly under various grant categories. Students who meet the eligibility criteria and follow the step-by-step application process outlined stand a high chance for selection.

CHED scholarship 2024 to 2025 aim to equip recipients with access to quality tertiary education and skills needed to contribute to national development. There are merit-based scholarships, grants for special groups like athletes/artists as well as student loan programs amounting to Php 5.4 Billion yearly. Applicants need to complete documentary requirements, undergo screening and interviews before final selection by regional CHED committee.

As a CHED scholar 2024-2025, you must maintain prescribed academic performance levels, only shift degrees with valid reasons, enroll in priority courses, submit regular progress reports and uphold dignity as a youth role model. In return, you can study for free without tuition fee worries as funds are directly credited to your school. Check for latest announcements regarding application schedules, requirements and procedures to further boost your chances.

The CHED Scholarship 2024 to 2025 offers over $100 million in scholarship grants and financial aid to benefit poor but deserving students across the Philippines. Awards are provided for merit-based scholars, special groups like athletes and differently abled students as well as grants-in-aid recipients selected based on financial need circumstances of applicants.

Ched Scholarship 2024 To 2025 program include priority degrees like Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture and IT related bachelors programs. Recipients can receive full tuition coverage and stipends amounting to $2,000 – $5,000 yearly depending on specific grant. Opportunities are also available for MS and PhD scholarship programs sponsored by CHED for graduate students and teaching faculty.

Ched Scholarship 2024 To 2025

In total, more than 300,000 qualified Filipino students are expected to be chosen as CHED scholars who will share the budget of $100 million allocated for AY 2024-2025. Apply online at before deadline and submit necessary documents to your preferred accredited college and CHED regional office to begin your application process today.

CHED Scholarship 2024 To 2025 | Eligibility, Application Process and Deadline


The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) offers a variety of scholarships every year to provide financial assistance and support to deserving college students across the Philippines. The CHED scholarship 2024 to 2025 aims to fund the tertiary education of scholars and equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to contribute to national development.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about the eligibility criteria, step-by-step application process, documentary requirements, application tips, selection process, responsibilities of scholars, and claiming process for the CHED scholarship 2024 to 2025. Whether you are an incoming college freshman or currently enrolled in a bachelor’s degree, read on to increase your chances of getting a Ched Scholarship 2024 To 2025 grant.

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Overview of CHED Scholarships 2024-2025

The Ched Scholarship 2024 To 2025 are open to all qualified students who are eligible as per criteria set by the Commission on Higher Education. Here is an overview of the key details regarding CHED scholar grants for AY 2024-2025:

Types of Scholarship Grants

Number of Recipients

Over 300,000 scholarships are expected to be awarded for AY 2024-2025. The quota allocation per region will be announced by CHED prior to the application period.

Total Funding Amount

The total budget allocated for the Ched Scholarship 2024 To 2025 programs AY is Ph 5.4 billion. Funds will be disbursed directly to accredited higher education institutions.

Application Timeline and Deadlines

The application period for CHED scholarships is usually from March to May each year for the incoming academic year. Announcements regarding the schedule and exact deadlines will be posted on the CHED website. Students are advised to check the site regularly for updates.

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Eligibility Criteria for CHED Scholars 2024-2025

Applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria to qualify for Ched Scholarship 2024 To 2025 grants:

Academic Requirements

Income Requirements

Priority Degree Programs CHED is prioritizing the following programs:

Other General Requirements

Application Process Step-By-Step

Follow this step-by-step process when applying for Ched Scholarship 2024 To 2025:

Step 1: Check application period and download forms Application forms will be available for download at approximately 2 months before start of classes.

Step 2: Prepare required documents Make sure you have all the necessary documents before proceeding with the application like transcript of records, Form 138, proof of income etc. Refer to documentary requirements section below.

Step 3: Fill out application form Provide complete and accurate information in all fields. Make sure your supporting documents match details supplied.

Step 4: Submit to University/College and CHED Regional Office Print and submit application form along with documents both to your chosen university/college and CHED Regional Office to increase chances of it being processed.

Step 5: Confirm receipt and application status Follow up with your target school and regional CHED after 2 weeks to ensure they received your application and documents successfully.

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Document Required for Ched Scholarship 2024 To 2025

Applicants must submit the following supporting documents along with application form:

IMPORTANT: Make sure all copies submitted are clear, updated, valid and verified by issuing source. Do not submit incomplete applications.

Application Tips and Tricks For Ched Scholarship 2024 To 2025

Follow these tips to strengthen your Ched Scholarship 2024 To 2025 application:




✔ Verify if qualified based on eligibility criteria
✔ Research which grants you can apply for
✔ Brush up on likely interview questions

By avoiding mistakes and submitting a polished application, you can stand out as a promising CHED scholar candidate.

You can Apply on these

Deadline For Ched Scholarship 2024 To 2025

Here is a table summarizing the name and deadline date for the Ched Scholarship 2024 To 2025:

Scholarship NameDeadline for Ay 2024-2025
CHED ScholarshipMarch 31, 2024 , March 31, 2024

The application period for Ched Scholarship 2024 To 2025 is usually March to May each year for the incoming academic year.

So for the CHED Scholarship 2024 to 2025, I have mentioned the tentative deadline as March 31, 2025. This is for students planning to enroll in college for the academic year 2024-2025.

Please note the actual deadline may vary, so it’s best for aspiring applicants to keep checking the CHED website for announcements regarding the exact application period. But March 31, 2025 should be the approximate deadline for AY 2024-2025 based on past timelines.

You can Apply for Ched Scholarship 2024 To 2025 on their

Official Website

Selection Process and Interview for Ched Scholarship 2024 To 2025

The Ched Scholarship 2024 To 2025 selection process involves:

Initial Screening CHED evaluates all applications against mentioned eligibility criteria. Qualified students are shortlisted.

Scheduling of Interviews Shortlisted applicants go through an in-person interview to assess qualifications, financial need levels and readiness for college-level education.

Final Deliberation and Announcement After the interview round, CHED committee convenes to select scholarship recipients based on overall assessment of candidates. Results are announced shortly after.

Appeals Applicants who passed initial screening but were unsuccessful post-interview stage can make a formal appeal within 30 days of results being announced. Valid reasons must be provided.

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Responsibilities of CHED Scholars

Once selected, scholars are required to fulfil the following terms:

CHED scholars are expected to uphold dignity and serve as role models for youth. Disciplinary sanctions will apply for non-compliance.

Where and How to Claim the Grant

Where: The CHED scholarship grant will be credited directly to your chosen accredited higher education institution (HEI). Make sure to coordinate with your school’s finance department.

How: There is no need for you to directly claim the money under normal circumstances. The CHED regional office transfers your yearly scholarship funds divided per semester to your HEI’s account. You simply continue studying without having to worry about tuition fees.

Schedule of Releases
Funds are disbursed per semester before start of classes as per below schedule:

1st SemesterJune
2nd SemesterOctober/November

In case of delays, promptly follow up with CHED or school admin to resolve any issues with crediting of grant.


The CHED scholarship 2024 to 2025 offers a valuable opportunity for deserving students to fund their college education and achieve their career goals. Meet the eligibility criteria, meticulously go through application instructions, submit required documents, and ace the interview to have a high chance of selection.


How to apply ched scholarship?

To apply for CHED scholarship, go to during application period, download form, fill accurately and submit along with supporting documents both to your chosen college/university and CHED regional office before deadline.

What is the scholarship program in the Philippines 2024-2025?

Some major national scholarship programs in the Philippines for 2024-2025 are: CHED Scholarship, DOST Scholarship, PESFA/TES Scholarship, Humabon Foundation Scholarship, and SM Foundation Scholarships.

Where can I apply for scholarship in Philippines?

You can apply for scholarships in the Philippines directly through government portals like and Also apply directly via school websites or visit private company and NGO run scholarship programs.

What grades do you need to get a scholarship in Philippines?

To qualify for most scholarships in the Philippines, you generally need a final High School GPA of at least 90% or higher with no grade below 85% in any major subject. Maintain strong grades throughout college as well.

How to apply for scholarships?

To apply for scholarships, determine eligibility criteria, search for suitable scholarship programs in your field/background, prepare required documents, fill application forms accurately before deadlines and follow up on application status.

What does CHED stand for in English?

CHED stands for Commission on Higher Education. It is a government agency that oversees higher education institutions like colleges, graduate schools and universities in the Philippines.

Which country is the easiest to apply for scholarships?

Generally European countries like Sweden, Norway, Germany, and Finland are considered easiest for international students to apply for English-taught university scholarship programs.

How to apply for scholarship in National University Manila?

To apply for scholarships at National University Manila, file an application at their Office of Scholarship and Financial Assistance. Qualified students have to pass an exam and interview to be eligible for NU scholarships.

What is the famous scholarship in Philippines?

Some of the most famous and top scholarships in the Philippines are CHED Scholarship, DOST Scholarship Program, SM Scholarship Program, Ayala Young Leaders Congress, and Tan Yan Kee Foundation Scholarship.

What grade is best for scholarship?

The best and highest grade you can get for scholarships is a perfect 100% (4.0 GPA). Realistically, to be competitive you must have at least a 90% (3.6 GPA) average grade or better in high school.

What is the financial assistance for students in the Philippines 2024?

Major student financial assistance programs offered in Philippines in 2024 are: CHED scholarships, TES scholarships, DOST scholarships, St. Jude scholarships, Tan Yan Kee grants, SSS educational loans and PESFA grants for college students facing financial constraints.

Who runs CHED?

CHED or Commission on Higher Education is run by the CHED Chairman, currently Dr. J. Prospero De Vera III along with commissioners and various internal departments under the Office of the President.

How to check up ched scholarship 2024-2025?

To check status of your Ched Scholarship 2024 To 2025 application, contact your university/college and/or CHED Regional Office directly via phone, email or visit to follow up and verify if your application and documents were successfully received and processed.

What is the Filipino name of CHED?

The Filipino name of CHED is Komisyon sa Mas Mataas na Edukasyon.

Where is CHED from?

CHED or Commission on Higher Education is an agency under the Office of the President, established via Republic Act No. 7722 mainly to develop and monitor higher education institutions in the Philippines.

Which scholarship gives the most money?

The CHED Scholarship program gives the most money under one program at 5.4 Billion pesos funding for 2023. The DOST Scholarship program under RA 7687 offers up to Php 25,000 monthly allowance.

Who receives the most scholarships?

Students with excellent academic achievements combined with proven financial constraints typically receive the most scholarships via government, private, school and special category/group-based grants.

What are the 2 most common types of scholarship?

The two most common types of scholarships are:

  1. Merit-based scholarships (based on GPA and grades)
  2. Financial need-based scholarships

What is the lowest GPA to get a scholarship?

The bare minimum GPA range required to be eligible for most scholarships is 2.5 to 3.0 for college students but aim for 3.5+ GPA ideally to stand higher chances. High school students need 90%+ grades.

What is a 3.0 GPA?

A 3.0 GPA refers to a B average wherein your grade percentage is in the range of 80-85% typically. It is considered a benchmark for scholarships beyond which chances improve significantly.

What GPA do you need for a Harvard scholarship?

You need an outstanding near perfect GPA – at least a 3.9+ CGPA (97%+) in High School or college to qualify for elite scholarships at Ivy league colleges like Harvard along with exceptional extras.

Which school is considered the top Science high school in the Philippines?

The Philippine Science High School is considered the number one science high school in the Philippines. Students undergo a highly competitive exam and selection process to gain admission.

What is the meaning of Dost in the Philippines?

DOST refers to Department of Science and Technology. They offer undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships in STEM degrees promoting scientific learning and innovation critical for progress.

Is UC under CHED?

Yes, University of Cebu or UC is under CHED or Commission on Higher Education along with all other higher education institutions like colleges and universities in the Philippines.

What is the best online school in Philippines?

University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU) is considered among the best online schools given its qualitydistance learning programs officially endorsed by UP System known for academic excellence.

Who is the Filipino scholar in Harvard?

Several notable Filipino scholars who graduated or took additional courses from Harvard include: Jose Rizal, Carlos P Romulo, Salvador P Lopez, Juan F Nakpil and more recently, Leni Robredo and Chel Diokno etc.

How do I email CHED?

You can email CHED Central Office via Email addresses of key officials and different CHED departments are available on their website. For urgent inquiries call (+632) 8657-1801.

Can you take two courses in college Philippines?

Yes, you can take double courses or two different bachelor’s degree programs concurrently in thesame or multiple colleges in the Philippines but prepare for intensive study and higher expenses.

Is there online college for OFW in the Philippines?

Yes, schools like UMak offer dedicated online college programs for OFWs allowing flexible remote learning without disrupting work abroad. Open University Philippines (OUP) and UP Open University also excellent options.

How can I finish college faster in the Philippines?

Strategies like enrolling in summer/intersession classes, taking higher course load per semester, opting for CLEP/AP credits, shifting courses to avoid repeating classes allows finishing college faster in 2-3 years instead of typical 4+.

Is LPU under CHED?

Yes, Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU) is a private higher education institution under regulation and monitoring of CHED or Commission on Higher Education.

What is University of Cebu known for?

University of Cebu is known for excellence in maritime education – it has produced outstanding ship captains/marine engineers through rigorous academic and training programs.

How many colleges are in the Philippines?

As per latest CHED statistics, there are over 2,300 colleges, universities and other higher education institutions in the Philippines as of 2022 offering a wide array of degree programs and specializations to choose from.

How do you know if you are qualified for DOST?

To know if you qualify for DOST undergraduate scholarship, determine if: you are a graduating high school student, taken and passed DOST exam, income below Php 300,000, graduated with at least 85%+ GWA with no grade below 80% in science and math subjects.

What are the two types of DOST scholarship?

The two main types of DOST scholarships are:

  1. RA 7687 Scholarship – for STEM students
  2. S&T Scholarship – MS & PhD scholarships

What DTI means in Philippines?

DTI refers to Department of Trade and Industry which promotes enterprise growth and consumer welfare across sectors in the Philippines from agriculture and manufacturing to services and internal trade.

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